Daily Bumps
Daily Bumps

Best known for great video blogs, Daily Bumps is an excellent YouTube channel. The videos revolve around the difficulties you should expect to come across when in the process of raising a family.

It is not all about the bad but also the good. That’s why the videos also cover the joy of doing the same. The icing of the cake is identifying just how much you can learn in the process of it all. You get to meet a lovely couple comprising of Missy Lanning and Bryan Lanning. There are also small handsome boys, namely Finley Jay Finn Lanning and Oliver James Ollie Lanning.

Other characters include an Australian Shepard dog and its puppy, Karma, and Luna. There is also a cat, bearded dragon, horse, and a mouse called Winston, Draco, Nacho, and John, respectively. One can’t forget the chicken. The family resides in Alhambra, California. The bottom line is that you get to enjoy a lot while learning in the process.

Well, how well do you know about Daily Bumps? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Daily Bumps’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Daily Bumps to date.


In 2012, on 31st December, when the idea of the channel saw the light of the day. The creators were Missy Lanning and Bryan Lanning. Their love story goes way back to high school, where they met. They got married in 2008 on 8th August when they were relatively young. After all, Missy was born in 1989 on 27th October whereas Bryan was born in 1990 on 20th January.

Therefore, they were around 18 years old. Unfortunately, they got divorced due to distance and other priorities, including college. However, fate had it that they were soul mates, which explained why they remarried. After the reunion, Daily Bumps came along. That’s the name they gave their YouTube channel.

Just like any YouTubers, the couple had probably been thinking about it for quite some time. So, what a great day to start your year with one goal achieved. After a short wait, the subscribers got something to watch. After all, the first video upload happened the following year on 26th January.

It was mostly about the journey of Missy Lanning as an expectant mother. It was also an oasis of hope to any mother who may be dealing with a stillbirth. After all, she speaks out of the experience, having experienced a stillbirth before Oliver’s birth. The fact that by May 2020, the first video already had an audience of around 955k views says it all. People appreciated what the videos offered.

After all, they were discussing serious issues that people often don’t talk about, no doubt. Pregnant people, especially first mums, had many thoughts and questions that they would really like sharing and asking. Knowing that you aren’t alone can be encouraging, no doubt. The fact that the video uploads were daily was also something great about Daily Bumps.


As time went by, Daily Bumps started covering other issues besides pregnancy. Some of them were milestones in their children’s lives, including their birthday parties. Missy and Bryan could also document a kid’s journey taking his first step and learning how to walk well, eventually. So far, Daily Bumps YouTube channel has had several popular videos.

The most famous one is Toy Story Halloween Special, which has more than 136 million views. Another one is the Baby Trapped In Waterpark, and it has about 50 million views. The Baby is Coming video also has a remarkable audience of about 22 million views. Daily Bumps YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers.

In addition to Daily Bumps, the two also have individual YouTube Channels. The focus of Bryan Lanning’s YouTube channel is music. Its audience is more than 393k subscribers. On the other hand, Missy Lanny’s YouTube channel covers several topics such as cooking, beauty, and motherhood. It has a larger audience than that of Bryan, with about 813k subscribers.

Besides vlogging, the couple is also into business and entrepreneur. They do e-commerce, whereby they sell the likes of bags and t-shirts online via the DFTBA store.

Awards & Achievements

Thanks to the great work, consistency, and relevance, Daily Bumps is an award-winning YouTube channel. That’s why it has awards, achievements, and nominations in recognition of Missy Lanning and Bryan Lanning’s efforts. A good example is the NewTuber of the Year award during the Sugarscape YouTube Awards in 2013. They must have made remarkable progress to have earned recognition within the first year of existence. That same year, Daily Bumps got a nomination for the Shorty Awards. The award was in the category of the Video Blogger of the Year.

As for the achievements, convincing such a considerable following to watch your videos is no joke. Managing three YouTube channels without disappointing the subscribers of either is also no joke. Over 5 million, 393l subscribers, and 813k subscribers in the various channel are also commendable. They also upload great stuff to get 22 million, 50 million, and even 136 million views for multiple videos.

Net Worth & Earnings of Daily Bumps in 2023

Daily Bumps Net Worth
Daily Bumps Net Worth

As of 2023, Daily Bumps’ net worth is approximately $12 million, and the primary source of income of the YouTube Channel. With several millions of subscribers and some billions of views, the channel is making a considerable amount of money.

Besides videos, they also promote various brands, including Mattel, HP, and Family Mobile. Consequently, the brand pays them. Finally, they also sell t-shirts, bags, and posters, among other things, online. With all the income-generating activities, Daily Bumps has a considerable net worth.

It is interesting how one can transform a negative thing into a positive something. Missy Lanning and Bryan Lanning were experiencing the loss of their child after a stillbirth. They got out of their way to encourage other mothers going through the same.

They also showed their viewers that one could move on after something that devastating. Consequently, Daily Bumps has made them famous and rich while still being a source of income for many people. Clearly, being good pays and both Missy and Larry can give testimonies of the same.


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