Nelk Boys
Nelk Boys

Nelk (fashioned as NELK) Boys is a famous American production company concerned with videography. They are a beautiful team comprising Kyle Foregeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Lucas Gasparini. The franchise was hurled in the year 2010, and they serve on YouTube. Their gang is specialized in the niche of pranks and got furnished in the category of tricks. They rose to fame after the release of the popular video where they pretended to hold cocaine in the car. They successfully pranked the LAPD.

The video became viral within a few hours. The video burst everyone in laughter. They started making more funny videos since then. They are appreciated for the love, creativity that they present. The team was priorly branded as NelkFilmz, which is a popular YouTube channel and an entertainment franchise that came into existence in Canada.

Well, how well do you know about Nelk Boys? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Nelk Boys’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Nelk Boys to date.


Nelk Boys is a popular, well-cherished, and skilled entertainment production corporation with its deep roots from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is formerly branded as NelkFilmz as a YouTube channel. The group was created in the year 2010. The founders of the group named Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, were considered the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America by the Canadian newspaper named The Toronto Star.

The YouTube channel has a total of 6.45 million active subs and a total of 928 million video views. These videos are about pranks and themed around North American college culture. The videos of the group include vlogs of their party lifestyle with footage of their actual jokes. The group is better known for establishing the brand called ‘Full Send.’ The name of the brand means to party and live a life without thinking about the consequences. This phrase is often used in their videos and also displayed on their merchandise.


Kyle Foregeard, Marko Martinovic, and Niko founded NELKFilmz in 2010, and they are known as the Martinovic twins. Soon, the twins left their collaboration, and Lucas Gasparini and Jesse Sebastiani joined the franchise. Soon after their launch, the trio rocked the internet with their hilarious and insane prank videos.

Kyle Foregeard came to this world in Mississauga, Canada. Since his college days, he was always interested in having fun with his friends. Lucas Gasparini was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He is a fun-loving personality and is always up for the outing plans. He loves to do a prank on folks. Jesse Sebastiani was brought up in this world in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, in the year 1993. He is popularly known for his hilarious pranks on folks. His aim in life is to live a carefree life.

The production of the franchise is handled by Alex, who is from Toronto. He has filmed all the videos on the channel and is very skilled in his profession. His ideas are just insane, and he is one of the reasons for the channel’s success. The director of photography and camera operating personality for the channel is Jason Pagaduan. He is responsible for the photography and editing of all the videos.

Throughout their journey, the trio has planned several hilarious pranks and has also faced the consequences for some. Jesse Sebastiani was once brought up to the court for one of their pranks as he was found guilty of disorderly conduct on the 7th of November in the year 208. Later, he was not charged for that and soon was released as he made the joke out of the humourous act. On the 17th of January in the year 2019, they posted a video of this incident on their channel.

They have done many comedy videos and received a huge appreciation from their audience in their journey.


The team has won millions of hearts around. But regrettably, they have failed to get honored with awards. However, the most significant achievement for any content creator is their followers, and they are fulfilling it amazingly. They have around 6.5 Million subscribers and 3 Million followers on YouTube and Instagram. They are famous for their vlogs, pranks. The Toronto Star in Canadian Newspaper accoladed Kyle Foregeard and Jesse Sebastiani, the founders of the NELK, as “the two of the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America.”  They have achieved 928 Million views which clearly signifies their popularity.

Net Worth & Earnings of Nelk Boys in 2023

Nelk Boys Net Worth
Nelk Boys Net Worth

As of 2023, Nelk Boys has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. They earn mainly by being regular on YouTube. They post pranks and lifestyle videos. Their videos are hilarious, and at the same time, they are loved by their audience a lot. They have earned this wealth in a concise duration which is worth recognition. They love to entertain folks with their insane and hilarious videos.

NELK Boys is a famous American videography production franchise. It is a team of three amazing boys who are worldwide famous for their comic timings. These boys have achieved a considerable fan base. They run a YouTube channel where they post pranks and lifestyle-related videos. They are loved for their hilarious pranks and loving nature. They, over the years, have attained a considerable mass of success.

They have quite a lot of followers on their social media accounts. Additionally, within a few years of their establishment, they have made a hefty bank balance where all the members’ actions are worth consideration. They have witnessed ups downs together and never leave each other in hard times, clearly showcasing their friendship and concern for each other.


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