Sam And Colby
Sam And Colby

Sam and Colby are two popular YouTubers who started with their careers on the Vine platform and then later shifted to YouTube channel together. Samuel Golbach and Colby Brock are the two youngsters who are merely in their early twenties and have already attracted a huge fan following in just a short period via their amazing videos.

The two youngsters have a very long history of shooting in abandoned locations, parks, hotels, colleges, asylums and getting caught. They even got imprisoned once but were released soon.

Well, how well do you know about Sam and Colby? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Sam and Colby’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Sam and Colby to date.


“Sam and Colby” is a famous, well-cherished, and successful channel on the video streaming platform named YouTube. 2 American boys shaped this amazing channel named Samuel Golbach and Colby Brock. These two personalities got celebrated through the application called Vine, where they had over 1.6 million followers. Mainly their YouTube videos are based on vlogs, exploration videos, experiments, challenges, and much more entertaining content.

By far, the YouTube channel of two guys has around 5 million subscribers and has 600 million total video views. They garnered 300,000 total video views per day from numerous fonts and amassed more than dollar 2,400 from the advertisements that come in between the videos. Both guys are very hardworking and have successfully garnered a huge fan base that supports them unconditionally.


The popular and talented duo named Sam and Colby is successful YouTuber in the online world, having their soil from the United States of America. They both produce some thought-provoking videos, which include some ghostly and exploration on their YouTube channel. This channel was established on the 28th of October in 2014, and the first video on the channel was uploaded on the 13th of November in the year 2014.

They have also uploaded some series which are entitled as Return of the Shadow Man, Witch Forest, The Castle, Cerro Gordo and Stanley Hotel. These all series are very successful and popular in the online world.

Apart from being the partners in YouTube, they both are best friends who hang out together all the time. They both love and support each other immensely. In Stanley, Kansas, USA, Sam and Colby were conceived on the 27th of November in 1996 and on the 2nd of January in the year 1997, respectively. Colby met his best friend Sam Golbach when he was in his high school called Blue Valley High School. Once, he stated that he and Sam Golbach bonded very quickly because they shared identical interests and also because they were both kind of social outcasts.

Both of the talented and charming men kicked off their careers together on the Vine platform, and they both best friends gained their first-ever 10,000 followers in early 2014, and then they attained 100,000 followers. Previously, they both received some criticism for their content, like Following Fat People, which is one of the most popular vines and became the first viral hit, and it was received as bullying and fat-shaming by some people. Later, they both admitted that they completely regret doing this.

They both are also associated with a guy called Jack Dytrych. Earlier, they used to do some challenge videos and comedy videos. Still, in 2020, they mainly uploaded their overnight series and exploration videos which were highly appreciated by their fans and subscribers. On the video streaming platform- YouTube, they have several compilations of their vines. Their last one was uploaded on the 27th of October in the year 2016, just three months before the app shut down.

They both have created two characters named Samantha and Colleen, and these two characters are very overdramatic and ditsy girls trying to live together. On the 2nd of April in 2015, their first video about these two characters was uploaded, and it was titled Cooking with Samantha and Colleen.


  • The two youngsters are popularly known as paranormal trailers, content kings and entrepreneurs in the “Overall action or Sci-Fi category” won the 2019 “Streamy A”
  • In the same year, two dashing young boys were also awarded “Teen Choice Award” for “Choice Youtuber” and “Breakout Creator ” at the 2019 Catalyst Content Awards Gala.
  • The duo has currently acquired have millions of subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on Instagram, which is itself a big achievement.

Net Worth & Earnings of Sam and Colby in 2023

Sam And Colby Net Worth
Sam And Colby Net Worth

The two are successfully running a YouTube channel having millions of subscribers. They started with their career in the year 2014 and, over the years, are successful posting pretty wild stuff. They are quite known for their exploration talent. They have also co-founded “The Life Project,” where they guide youngsters concerned with videos and podcasts. The site is a paid subscription which further garnishes their overall wealth. They together have a net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

The two boys started their careers in their early teens with a heart full of dedication and spirit to create something impactful in society. They immensely love and are grateful to their fans, who have showered their love and trust to them throughout their beautiful journey. Their series is working amazingly well, and they’ve been awarded some internationally recognized awards. Their content had trended on several social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The two best friends also give heartthrob friendship goals.


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