Celebrated Name: Stromae
Real Name/Full Name: Paul Van Haver
Gender: Male
Age: 34 years old
Birth Date: 12 March 1985
Birth Place: Etterbeek, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 78 kg
Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Coralie Barbier (m. 2015)
Children: N/A
Profession: Belgian musician, rapper, singer and songwriter
Net Worth in 2019: $6.5 million
Last Updated: December 2019

As the world of music consistently keeps expanding, with new music genres, singers, musicians and lyricists, it gets much more diverse for us as listeners. However, as people trying to make into the music industry, it gets exceedingly difficult. As the number of musicians increases, the chances of being discovered as a prolific singer or musician decrease exponentially.

One needs to stand out and stand apart from the crowd. This is regardless of whether it is through the type of music, lyrics, or singing voice. But one needs to define themselves through something unique. There remains no doubt about that. When it comes to uniqueness, few musicians are as exceptional as Stromae.

Early Life

Stromae’s actual name is Paul Van Haver. He was born in 1985, on the 12th of March. Born and raised in the Belgian city of Brussels, he is of mixed ethnicity. His father was from Rwanda, and his mother is a native of Belgium. He, along with his siblings, had to be dealt with by their mother for the majority of their lives. His father was an architect who died when the Rwandan Genocide occurred.

Van Haver’s endeavour in the public schools was an absolute failure, as he could not cope with the school curriculum, and dropped out by the age of sixteen. He then attended a Jesuit school. It was during this time that he made his first amateur venture into the world of rap music, forming a group with his closest friends and rapping to their hearts’ content.

He believed his idols to be Jacques Brel, the singer-songwriter from Belgium, as well as influences from Cubans with their son, and the Congolese form of rumba. Although a native of Belgium, Van Haver never believed himself to belong to Belgium. His nationalistic identity remains a mystery to him.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 12 March 1985, Stromae is 34 years old as of today’s date 2nd December 2019. His height is 1.91 m tall, and weight is 78 kg.


Stromae initially appeared on stage, calling himself Opmaestro. He then changed his name to Stromae, by reversing the syllables. This is a part of French slang. The practice is called verlan. In Eichof, along with another rapper, Stromae then established a group, calling itself Suspicion. They only produced one song, coupled with a music video. After that, Stromae’s partner decided to leave the group. Van Haver did show an interest in the industry of hospitality. However, he could not manage an academic career with his musical aspirations.

After this, he had to leave the idea of pursuing both at the same time and decided to focus on music full time. In 2007, his musical ingeniousness paid off, as he got to sign record deals with two record labels. Training at NRJ, a radio station airing in Brussels, his boss decided to air Van Haver’s first single. It gained wide popularity. He was even noticed by notable personalities such as Nicholas Sarkozy himself. He has since collaborated with mega superstars in the music industry of the world, most notably with the one and only Kanye West.

Awards and Achievements

Stromae has been nominated for and won the MTV Europe awards for the category of music. His music videos have also been chosen for their quality in animation as well as their uniqueness. His dance skills have not gone unnoticed either, with Stromae picking up multiple nominations for best choreography.

Net Worth & Salary of Stromae in 2019

Stromae Net Worth
Stromae Net Worth

Stromae is still making leaps in his career and current net worth at about $6.5 million as of December 2019. This would no doubt double or even triple overtime.

Stromae has definitely made himself noticeable with his artistic style and choreography. He will surely continue to grow in popularity.