American Pickers
American Pickers

The hit shows American Pickers with twenty-two seasons is in everyone’s mouth. The hit show is going strong for over the past few years. Fans are going gaga over it. It started on 18th January 2010. Yes, that is the exact date the writer of this reality show Mike Wolfe, decided to launch the show. The show is sporadic and has quite an interesting plot—a plot which the viewers did not see for a very long time.

Mike Wolfe also happens to be the program creator of the show, which apparently revolves around the rare pieces and national treasures around America. The two very handsome men, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, hosts the show. Yes!  You read that right. The writer is also hosting the show. Sounds cool? Let’s dig more into it and know more about the off-track reality show American Pickers!

Well, how well do you know about American Pickers? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about American Pickers’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about American Pickers to date.


American Pickers started off in 2010 with three casts – Mike Wolfe, the writer himself, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby. The show made such a bus on all social media and throughout the media that rumors and hoaxes started to spread out way too soon and fast about the antic-loving show. There was a story about Frank Fritz, one of the hosts in the front, who died due to an accident.

Later, it was finally confirmed that the man is perfectly healthy and happy. The man confirmed that he is excellent, and fans were very relieved to know it. The men and Danielle Colby, the lovely co-host, along with the whole crew, toils around day and night to make the show a huge success and continues to dig deep, like actually dig in vast piles of junks and dirt to keep the show on top and hit records.

There were also rumors and fans often used to ship the two co-hosts, Danielle Colby and Frank Fritz, together. However, two of them confirmed that there is nothing going on between them and they simply love and care for each other just as best friends do.


American Pickers rose to fame because of many reasons. The show is unique; the concept hits the audience differently. Mike Wolfe, the writer , has successfully written a script so beautiful that the whole crew is earning a considerable amount from it. The show certainly gives us a beautiful message and saves nature by recycling the objects. It teaches the young generation about the harms and advantages of waste and how good it is to reuse the items. You can even look cool with it.

The show has managed to grab the attention of every generation. Whether old or young or teens, all are hooked to this and learn value from it. However , recently the second co-host Frank Frtiz decided to leave them for various reasons. We are not yet sure why he took this step, but fans are genuinely disheartened. He is replaced by Jersey Jon. There is no here say that the man is exceptionally talented when it comes to taking care of old and antic objects.

He takes excellent care of them and feels immense pleasure in doing so. He even has a nag towards motorcycles and has a passion for them. He also participated in several events. Fans hope that he will prove to be a great fit in exchange for Frank Fritz. The other host Danielle Colby too, decided to take her chances and left the show. The talented woman is highly ambitious in nature and strives to climb more stairs of success.

However, the real reason for her leaving the show is not yet apparent. Fans hope that things will come to light soon. It is guessed that Danielle Colby is married, and she wanted to give in more time to her family, and that is the only reason why she left. Nobody is sure about these rumors, and the lady herself made no comments on it. Thus it is challenging to assume if it is correct or not.

Awards & Achievements

There is no doubt that the writer Mike Wolfe is one of the wealthiest reality show artists, who has successfully grabbed a lot of attention and has won several hearts with his work. There is no doubt that the reality TV show American Pickers has managed to bag several awards and nominations in their bag. They have grabbed eyes doing their own reality shows and have gained a lot of attention.

With attention came tons of criticism, too, but this never stopped them from making their mind. They continue to entertain us and are still entertaining us with their utmost. The cast and crew members are a bit secretive. They do not prefer to share their personal life in front of the reel and are doing a pretty fine job in their respective career.

They love the limelight, which is no here-say, and like to be around people. Most importantly, they love nature, and they are huge fans of old artifacts and more. They cope up pretty well with all the success and criticism.

Net Worth & Earnings of American Pickers in 2024

American Pickers Net Worth
American Pickers Net Worth

As of 2024, The net worth of Mike Wolfe is $8 million. The net worth of Frank Fritz is $6 million, and the net worth of Danielle Colby is $2 million. The net worth of the recent member, Jersey Jon, is $2 million. All of them are striving hard in their career and even has several other businesses from where they incur more money. This is helping them to earn millions. The show American Pickers’ net worth is around is enormous, and the show is earning daily profits, and fans hope they will continue to make more episodes.

They win hearts and are successfully growing their business by laps and bounds like crazy They are trying new schemes and strategies to expand their business in every possible terms. We hope them luck for their future struggles and also hope that they sore more.


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