Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry’s
Legal Name: Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc.
Headquarters Regions: South Burlington, Vermont, United States
Founded Date: 5 May 1978
Founders: Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield
Number of Employees: 1500+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: Vermont company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbe
Net Worth in 2024: $500 Million

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc. is a subsidiary food-processing Vermont Company. It mainly manufactures ice cream but also produces sorbet and frozen yogurt. It is popularly known as Ben & Jerry’s. Forty-two years ago, on May 5, 1978, it was founded. It was established in the U.S. in Burlington, Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s is globally wholly owned by Unilever’s subsidiary. It has its headquarters in Vermont, South Burlington. Its main factory is in Vermont, Waterbury.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry’s. Another key person involved in its operation is CEO Matthew McCarthy. They have their shops in 615 locations in total.

Well, how well do you know about Ben & Jerry’s? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Ben & Jerry’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Ben & Jerry’s to date.


Cohen and Greenfield were friends since they were children. Cohen did not want to continue and decided to drop out of school. Greenfield could not make it into medical school though he did finish college. It was around 1977 when they took an ice-cream-making corresponding course from Pennsylvania State University’s Creamery.

Cohen still date suffers from anosmia, in which one faces a lack of sense of taste or smell. He primarily dependent on the texture of the food to bring variety to his diet. His suffering turned into a blessing for his company, though. Because of his lack of sense of test, the company’s trademark chunks got mixed in with their own-produced ice cream.

Finally, on May 5, 1978, they started their ice-cream parlor. They celebrated their anniversary in 1979 by holding a “free cone’s day.” Later in 1980, on South Champlain Street in Burlington, they started packing ice cream in pints. In 1981, Ben & Jerry’s became a franchise. It opened in Shelburne on Route 7. Their brand was also made to the “world’s most giant ice cream sundae“in 1983.


Since its inception, Ben & Jerry’s has undergone a lot of changes. They believe in the principle that “change is good.” At first, they sold ice cream in cups and cones only as people usually do. For a short period, they even used to sell their ice cream in bulk to local restaurants. It was Ben (co-founder) who came up with the idea to sell ice cream in a 1-pint container. They decided to put this creative plan into action by first selling the pints in grocery shops, enabling the people to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from the comfort of their house.

This idea was realized in February 1980, and they began selling their ice cream at the local grocery stores. If today one is unable to find Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in a U.S. grocery store, it would come as a shocker.

If someone is a hard-core Ben & Jerry fan, they would know that the artwork on their pints has changed quite a few times over the years. The first design was when they started to sell their ice cream in pints in 1980. Then it changed in 1991, and one could notice the subtle changes in their pints. The colors became more vibrant, and the font changed. It again changed in 1993, 1999, 2000, and 2003.

Their pint design for 2015 became very famous as it came with cute animations and more different flavors. The latest change in their pint design was made in 2020. It has an animation of cows showcasing how the ice cream is made with pure cow milk. In the new designs, the name of the ice-cream flavours even appears on the side of pints. Earlier it used to appear only on the lids.

Like their pints, the ice-cream flavors also have undergone a massive wave of versatility. Even there are some names of the ice cream which supported the ongoing trend and cause.

Some of their famous ice-cream names over the years are “Vermonster Bucket,” “Chubby Hubby,” Oh! My! Apple Pie”, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,” “Yes, Pecan!” and so on. They even made a limited-edition ice cream flavor in October 2018. This limited-edition ice cream was used to deliver a political message against the governmental administration in the U.S. under Trump.

Awards & Achievements

The kings of the ice-cream world, Ben & Jerry’s, have won numerous awards throughout their years in the business. Some of the honorable mentions are specified here. Ben & Jerry’s has won the “World Farming’s Good Dairy Award.” They are also the first to win this award. They also have won the “Brand of the Year” award for being more than a brand and delivering robust amplification. They also won another prize from compassion in world farmings. It is called the “Good Egg Award.”

Once they have also received an award for their foundation known as the “Award for Corporate Foundation.” They also received an award for helping out dog organizations and providing them with a better environment. They received the award “Dog Award” in 2018. They have also received the award “The Martin Luther King Jr. Centre Annual Salute to Greatness Awards.”

Net Worth & Earnings of Ben & Jerry’s in 2024

Ben & Jerry’s Net Worth
Ben & Jerry’s Net Worth

As of 2024, the net worth of Ben & Jerry’s company is around $500 million. However, it’s said to have increased in recent years due to the rise of their stock price.

To conclude, Ben & Jerry’s is more than a company manufacturing ice cream. Through their brand, they have connected emotions. They have made people addicted to their pure flavors and their way of addressing pressing matters with unique ice-cream names. To celebrate the same-sex marriage legalization, they even changed the name of their famous “Chubby Hubby” to “Hubby Hubby” flavor. They have always been trendsetters and in still continuing in their journey to drown people with their diverse ice-cream flavors.


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