Cali Cartel
Cali Cartel

In 1970s, Colombia was worldwide known for drug trafficking all over. Drug cartels ruthlessly run cities like Valle del Cauca and Cali. As a result, many people who resisted these cartels got killed and some disappeared without a trace. One of those cartels is Cali Cartel which operated in Santiago de Cali.

Cali cartel was founded by, Jose Santacruz, Gilberto Rodriguez and Miguel Rodriguez in early 1970s who were famously known as the three brothers. The Rodriguez brothers formed this group after breaking away from Medellin Cartel, which was led by the famous cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

The group started with kidnappings and trafficking marijuana before joining the lucrative business of cocaine trafficking. The brothers later incorporated Helmer Herrera and the cartel became a four man led drug trafficking organization. It is believed by early 1990s, the cartel had grown big and strong that it was believed over 70% of all trafficked cocaine came from them.

Well, how well do you know about Cali Cartel? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Cali Cartel’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Cali Cartel to date.


It all began when the famous Rodriguez Orejuela brothers and Santacruz decided to form the group, Cali cartel. They were known for coming from a higher social class compared to most of the traffickers of those times. Relating to their social background, they got recognition as a group whereby they were nicknamed Las Caballeros which meant gentlemen of Cali. The group originally came together as kidnappers, and they named themselves Las Chemas, Luis Fernando Tamayo Garcia being their ring leader.

Las Chemas were kidnappers and that is where they earned a living to keep in truck their drug dealing company. They were therefore implicated in numerous kidnapping cases including a diplomat, two Swiss citizens to mention just but a few. They were ransomed 700,000 USD that most believed was used to fund their drug dealing company. They first started in trafficking marijuana. However it did not seem to bring high profits as they wanted relating to the fact that they had to cover resources which needed a lot more than they were earning from marijuana. The group decided to shift their focus on a more lucrative drug which is cocaine.

In the early days of 1970s the Cartel sent one of the group members, Helmer Herrera to go establish a distribution center in New York. At that time, USA termed cocaine to be less important than heroine. It is evident that the group began with strong 7 men who paved their way into the business to get to where they wanted to be.


The DEA that is the Drug Enforcement Administration who viewed cocaine as the less important drug as compare to heroine, decide to let loose on the hardline policy they had. This was their breakthrough as their trade flourished. The group grew and later on organized themselves and developed into multiple cells which they had agreed to be operating independently but still were under their manger.

The reason behind all this is, the clandestine cell system which set the group apart. However this did not stop them from running their drug dealing business. The group still had a very strong bond which operated as independent criminal organizations. With time the cartel grew more and later on became the most powerful and biggest crime syndicate that is ever known. This is confirmed by the Drug enforcement administration.

Aside from that, we see that Cali, is now recognized to innovate in production and trafficking as they have had many connections and once moved their refining operations from Colombia to other places such as Peru and Bolivia not forgetting the fact that they maneuvered their into finding more traffic routes through the famous Panama. Relating to the fact that their business were illegal, the Cali decided to open the legal business to mask their sources of income. They therefore invested their money into legitimates business.

Awards and Achievements

Cali may not be in the awards sector as their business was not legal. However, concerning the drug dealing business they had, it is clear that there is so much progress in their business. To start with, the absence of a hardline policy pressed by the drug enforcement administration, made it easy for the Cartel to venture more and explore as far as their business is concerned. We see that the group developed and decided to organize themselves as strong independent organizations which was more advantageous to them.

Net Worth & Earnings of Cali Cartel in 2024

Cali Cartel Net Worth
Cali Cartel Net Worth

According to research and all the information known as far as their business is concerned the company has been growing gradually which is a plus for them. The company being known as one of the most powerful and big crime syndicates that ever existed their net worth must be impressive. It is therefore estimated to $7 billion as of 2024 which is very impressive. We can therefore say that Cartel is an outstanding company that can be imitated and take up some of the things they did to have a successful company.

Cali cartel has been one of the most dedicated drug dealers who invested all they could to have a successful business. As much as it was illegal and faced all type of challenges, to succeed through their drug trafficking journey, they did not give up but rather did work themselves out to achieve their goal. They may not serve as a good example as far as the business they are running is concerned, but we can as well say that one may fellow some of the positive steps they took to have a successful company.



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