Diamond And Silk
Diamond And Silk

Diamond and Silk are famous American celebs who are mostly known for their social media deliveries, video blogging, and their hosting in Fox Nation. The title is handled by the two sisters-Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson. They earned massive attention after they made comments in support of the US President-Donald Trump. Facebook alleged them for being unsafe to the country during the conduction of a campaign.

Eventually, Diamond and Silks alleged Facebook for criticizing and blocking their content. Rep. Steve King invited them in April 2018 to testify their perceived censorship in front of Congress and explain their innocence or justify their deeds. The Republican Congress presented their censorship during Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before US Congress. Since 2018, the two-some had been on their Chit Chat tour and are traveling all across the world.

Well, how well do you know about Diamond and Silk? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Diamond and Silk’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Diamond and Silk to date.


Ineithia Lynnette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, popularly known as Diamond and Silk, are famous political activists, social-media celebrities, Newsmax hosts, and video bloggers having their deep roots in the United States of America. Both of their commentaries support the former president of America named Donald Trump.

Both of them became popular after the campaign of 2016 and the controversy of April 2018, which includes the Facebook platform which notified both of them that they are unsafe to the community. In response to this notification, both the sisters publicly complained about Facebook that the latter has blocked and censored their account.

Diamond and Silk are the daughters of a famous televangelist couple, and they both were raised in the Democratic family till the year 2015 when they decided to support the Republican Party with their political view. Later, both of them changed their opinions after watching former president- Donald Trump’s speech based on his America First policies. They both were very popular as conservative commentators on multiple platforms.


Diamond and Silk were born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to a couple christened as Freeman Hardaway (father) and Betty Willis Hardaway (mother). The couple was both televangelical pastors. They both have three other siblings.

In the year 2012, both of them were registered as Democrats, and their very first video that was uploaded on a YouTube platform was based on a montage about policy brutality entitled “Black Lived Matter,” and this video has almost 17,000 total views. Their second video was about a black lady named Sandra Bland who lost her life in a Texas jail, and 32,000 people saw this video. Their YouTube channel gradually started to grow after the duo began making pro-Trump videos.

Although they were not affiliated with Trump’s campaign, they still supported him through social media and rallied, for which both of them traveled to 3 states of America. On the 4th of December in 2015, both of them joined Trump on stage in a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. On the 2nd of January in the year 2016, both sisters warmed up the audience at the rally in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Later, they both started a campaign under the name “Ditch and Switch,” which was created to support and encourage Democrats to register as Republicans. Afterward, they were paid $1,274.94 for their field consulting work at a campaign on the 2nd of November 2016.

They appear in Fox News regularly shows such as Fox & Friends, Hannity, Watters’ World, Fox News Sunday, and The Ingraham Angle. They were offered a show on Fox Nation, which is called Fox News streaming service, in the year 2018, and both of them were also covered on ABC’s Nightline. Diamond is a very talkative personality, while Silk just expressed her arguments.

In 2019, both the sisters reappeared in the re-election of Trump, where they supported him unconditionally. Both the sisters were terminated from Fox News in April 2020 for questioning the legitimacy of data about Covid-19.

In the upcoming years, they have worked immensely hard and have presented their arguments with robust confidence in front of media that has aided them to attain massive recognition. They both are fierce personalities who have always stood firm with their point of view.

Awards & Achievements

The two-some are handling all their social media accounts wonderfully. They make sure to maintain maximum engagement and remain as active as they could. They have around 650K followers on their Twitter accounts, 140k on their YouTube, and 1.5 Million on their Facebook. They even stepped in some conservative shows such as Fox and Friends.

Net Worth & Earnings of Diamond and Silk in 2024

Diamond And Silk Net Worth
Diamond And Silk Net Worth

As of 2024, they have an estimated net worth of $5 Million. They earn their wealth by being active on various social media accounts. Hence, by being social media personalities, they have not made wealth but have also won the hearts of millions. They are live stream vloggers and analysts of political issues. They have also earned hugely by trading with different Trump Merchandise. Additionally, they charge around $150 for either taking a pic or having a meal with them.

Diamond and Silk is an awesome two-some formed by two loving sisters. They earned massive popularity after they showed support for former President of America Donald Trump. Many people see the latter as racist, but Diamond and Silk consider them as a realist. They belong to African American ethnicity and create inspiration for many more to come from the exact origin and draw their dreams beautifully.


  1. We love them and hopefully more people are signing up to follow them. They make many issues so clear, and we never miss their show.


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