Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
Legal Name: Electronic Arts Inc.
Headquarters Regions: Redwood City, California, United States
Founded Date: 27 May 1982
Founders: Trip Hawkins
Number of Employees: 10000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: The United States of America and World
Products of Company: video game
Net Worth in 2024: $24 Billion

Electronic Arts (EA) is a video game corporation based in the United States of America in Redwood City, California. It was established on May 27, 1982, and is America’s second most popular gaming corporation. Trip Hopkins, who served as an employee of the Apple firm, founded this firm. The company invented early video gaming, and it achieved fame for encouraging the designers as well as programmers responsible for its games, in particular.

The business released various games and other productivity applications to use personal computers and later experimented with video game creation technologies. In the year 1987, game Skate or Die was released by EA. The company continues to produce and develop games to date and manages and runs large gaming studios like EA Vancouver, EA Tiburon, Edmonton Austin, and several other studios.

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Since 1978, Trip Hawkins, the company’s founder, was an Apple employee, and in 1982, he held a meeting with Don Valentine, from the Sequoia Capital, to discuss ways to fund his new venture. Valentine persuaded Hopkins to abandon Apple to step into his dreams. Valentine permitted Hawkins to use the spare office of Sequoia Capital office to establish the firm. On May 27, 1982, the company was founded by Trip Hawkins through his personal investment valued at $200,000.

Hawkins developed his business with the aid of his first staff for the next seven months. Hopkins also hired some of his former employees at Apple Company during the time, and the business strategy was redefined again in September and afterward reissued on October 8, 1982. The business had 11 employees that same year in 1982. As the business was growing, they moved from the original office to San Mateo.


Amazin software was the firm’s initial name, which was later changed by workers who hated the name and called it Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts have grown from its inception. After licensing its video games and other console games, the corporation began developing for the Nintendo entertainment system console games in the 1990s. Hawkins resigned as the chief executive Officer in 1990 and was replaced by Larry Probst, who served until the year 1994 as the company’s CEO.

When Larry was the CEO in 1993, they created an integrated multiplayer 3DO that was the most successful gaming console. In funding the console that retailed at US$700, Electronic Arts were the 3DO’s leading partner. Because other competing game consoles went for just US$100, it lagged in revenue, and then Electronic Arts withdrew 3DO sponsorship in favour of the play station, as well as 3Do development ended in 1996.

Electronic Arts bagged the European Computer Trade Show prize in 1995 for rising as the best publisher of software of the year. The business continued to grow, and in 1995 they purchased some space on California’s redwood shores, where the building of its current headquarters was built in 1998. The business began to shift into direct distribution of digital services and games. With the purchase of the famous online gaming platform pogo.com, they continued and obtained direct distribution of digital games and services.

EA provided a multi-million-dollar grant in 2004 to finance the program’s advancement for game design at the interactive media division of the University of Southern California. I Probst resigned from the role of CEO in February 2007, while his replacement is John Riccitiello, who served until the 2013, and later Andrew Wilson was announced as the new CEO in September 2013, serving to date.

Awards & Achievements

Electronic Arts is not short of success, and in 1995, the company received the European Computer Trade Show Award for Best Publisher of the Year in Software. On April 11, 2005, Electronic Arts reported a parallel 6-year license arrangement with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) for the exclusive college football content rights.

In September 2006, EA and Nokia revealed a collaboration in which, through the Nokia Content Discoverer, EA became an exclusive supplier of the Nokia mobile’s mobile games for the users. In October 2010, EA confirmed the purchase for US$20 million in cash of England-based iPad and iPhone gaming publisher Chillingo. EA revealed in July 2011 that it had purchased PopCap Games, the company that developed games like Plants vs. Zombies as well as Beeweled. In 2012, EA began its transition to digital products.

Net Worth & Earnings of Electronic Arts in 2024

Electronic Arts Net Worth
Electronic Arts Net Worth

Product refers to revenue created by game titles such as Madden, FIFA, and others being sold. Services define revenue from digital downloads, subscriptions, and other resources that are typically accessed in-game. The net worth of Electronic Arts is at $24 billion as of 2024.

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest and most profitable video game businesses, and most of its income will come from video game downloads and in-game transactions. Services, which accounted for 68 percent of overall sales in fiscal 2019, is the primary division. Electronic Arts have two sources of their sales, and they are goods and services.

Electronic Arts Company has developed to be the leading video game company in the development, and hard work and results have led to its success. Starting with a small business working in a single room and gradually expanding to become a multi-national business. The company has had a series of achievements. The number of workers has risen.

The firm operates many development studios, such as DICE Bio ware, criterion games, etc. The business is now known for supplying EA sports and collaborated with other companies that distribute and manufacture video games for computers. There are also notable publication and sales arrangements for the company.


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