Legal Name: EmazingLights
Headquarters Regions: Anaheim, CA, US
Founded Date: 2010
Founders: Brian Lim
Number of Employees: 50+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America
Products of Company: California-based retail company
Net Worth in 2024: $20 Million

EmazingLights is a firm based in California whose founder and CEO are Brian Lim. The firm is famous for operating light show gloves, common in present-day dance dramas and electronic music festivals. In the recent day, the firm has accomplished huge milestones resulting in to increase in its revenues. The company is listed as the 189th on the Inc., 5000 lists after attaining a growth rate of 2281 percent since 2018. Reliable sources claim that this firm is among the best technology companies in America.

Well, how well do you know about EmazingLights? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about EmazingLights’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about EmazingLights to date.


Brian Lim founded EmazingLights company thanks to his dream to pioneer  Gloving Operation into the talent land of expression. Brian Lim often narrates his story explaining his journey to success. Brian Lim took out $100 from his pocket and opted to develop the firm that he named EmazingLights. Brian Lim developed the firm together with Heartsdales, headed by his wife, Christine Lim.

EmazingLights began its business journey by placing gloving events out of the truck on stage streets.  Brian ensured that he did enough and vital networking and connectivity to help his firm flourishing. EmazingLights had over 50 workers at the time of its start. In an interview, Brian Lim stated that he began advertising the firm with his wife at the Avalon club, where many people loved it.


The main aim of EmazingLights is to grow and flourish in the current field f Gloving Movement and display its amazing picture of art. EmazingLights firm is growing together with its sister company called iHeartRaves. The main objective of the latter firm is to showcase its fashion at Electronic dance and festivals. The firm provides various operating lights to many clients and has the backup of the EDM Movement.

The group has developers and artists who have a shared dream and the same drive to make a difference. The group began making premium apparel after 2012, and it escalates self-expression that provides paralleled ease to its clients. It also takes one drive to the next step.

Awards and achievements

EmazingLights company is still growing in the field, and it shows efforts to be at the same level with other firms to win public trust. Currently, the firm has not received any official award or achievement or even nomination. However, their efforts towards flourishing and gaining public trust show it would soon be receiving amazing rewards. EmazingLights was listed as position 189 out of 500 business firms because it has attained a 2281% growth since 2018. The firm has received 20% of the revenue from licensing deals and endorsements.

EmazingLights company is making constant identification to more significant opportunities, and once it gets the needle-mover, it would develop and optimize the processes that would help it flourish.

Net Worth & Earnings of EmazingLights in 2024

EmazingLights Net Worth
EmazingLights Net Worth

As of 2024, EmazingLights net worth’ estimates to $20 million. The company amasses such a massive fortune from the daily operations of the company since its founding. Over the years, EmazingLights has topped the charts in the global top list of companies. It is incredible how an entrepreneur turned an idea into a multinational E-commerce growth machine. Since 2018, the firm scaled its sales from $15 million to $30. EmazingLights has introduced the use of automated devices to enhance its workflow and margins.

EmazingLights has earned a revenue of $15 million from the time it started, and Brian Lim anticipates achieving more soon. Recently, Brian Lim received a contract of $650,000 from the sharks, Mark Cuban and Daymond John, as a 5 percent equity of the company and has made a 20 percent revenue. With the recent moves of the company, the net worth will rise with time.

EmazingLights is a company in America whereby it started as an idea and is now among the world’s famous firms. The main drive of the firm is to make light show gloves used in electronic festivals and concerts. EmazingLights is among the top companies in America, according to recent statistics. It tells a story of a dream of two young people and how they focus and work hard to achieve it. Their story is a source of encouragement to young people to dream big and work hard to achieve it.


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