Legal Name: FedEx Corporation
Headquarters Regions: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Founded Date: 18 June 1971
Founders: Frederick W. Smith
Number of Employees: 250000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and World
Products of Company: multinational delivery services company
Net Worth in 2024: $60 Billion

FedEx Corporation is a popular multinational delivery service company. Its headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. The name FedEx is a syllabic abbreviation for the name Federal Express. Between 1973 and 2000, it was known as FedEx Express. The main thing that the company is popular with is its overnight shipping serviceability. The system can also track and provide a real-time update on the location of a package. The company is known to be one of the greatest contractors in the U.S. government.

Well, how well do you know about FedEx? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about FedEx’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about FedEx to date.


This company was founded as Federal Express Corporation in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, a graduate of Yale University. The concept of the company was acquired from a term paper as a system for urgent deliveries. Without the support of his professor, he pressed on and later moved his operations to Memphis in 1973 as it is near the center of the country, and its International airport stays open irrespective of inclement weather.

By 1983, his company had grown to a million-dollar revenue and continued to expand to Asia in 1984. By 1988, it had acquired Flying Tiger Line, which was one of its major competitors. It acquired the name FedEx, which is a short name for Federal Express in 1994, to ease marketing.

The company then reorganized as a holding company with a new name, FDX, in October 1997, and in January 1998, it acquired Caliber system Inc. the company was now able to offer several other services. Together with the subsidiaries of Caliber such as RPS, Roberts Express, Vicking Freight, Caribbean Transportation Services, Caliber Logistics, and Technology, among others, were to be overseen by the new form of Federal Express, FDX.

FedEx had planned to acquire British Airways in the 1990s as a joint service but later abandoned the idea. FDX Corporation, in January 2000, changed its name to FedEx Corporation. All the subsidiaries acquired with Caliber System were also rebranded. Federal Express change to FedEx Express while RPS changed to FedEx Ground. Roberts Express also changed to FedEx Custom Critical, while Caliber Logistics and Technology combined changed to FedEx Global Logistics.

In order to centralize marketing, sales, and customer service for the company, FedEx acquired Tower Group International in February 2000. It also acquired World Tariff and combined both companies to form FedEx Trade Networks.


To allow expansion of FedEx retail access, it acquired Kinko’s Inc., which was privately owned in February 2004, and rebranded it to FedEx Kinko’s. After the acquisition, all Kinko’s locations were only to offer FedEx shipping. FedEx dropped Kinko’s name and adopted FedEx Office in June 2004. The company acquired Parcel Direct in September 2004 and rebranded it to FedEx SmartPost.

FedEx Ground announced their new CEO and president to be Henry Maier, on 1 January 2013. He was to take over after the retirement of David Rebholz on 31 May 2013. FedEx was involved in a conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and cooperated with Chhabra-Smoley and Superior Drug. It was accused of distributing substances and prescription drugs to customers who do not need the drugs and having invalid doctor prescriptions. Department of Justice dismissed this case after the company representative contested these claims and did not have enough evidence.

FedEx bought TNT Express, their rival firm, in April 2015 at $4.8 billion in order to expand its operations in Europe. They announced to launch FedEx Care in February 2016 with an aim to invest $200 million, allowing them to strengthen 200 countries and more by the year 2020. The acquisition of P2P Mailing Limited in March 2018 further expanded their portfolio. Demand increased, and FedEx increased their grounds in the U.S. to operate six days per week.

FedEx Trade Networks was changed to FedEx Logistics in January 2019. Expansion in the U.S. increased announced to operate seven days a week during the holiday peak season since January 2019.

For a second time, FedEx was charged, this time by China, for undermining the rights of a Chinese client. FedEx was accused of refusing to deliver used Huawei phone to U.S. Later, China accused them of holding back more than 100 packages after diverting them from being delivered to China. It was termed as a violation.

FedEx acquired ShopRunner in December 2020. As they continue to grow, their plan is to make their operations to be carbon-neutral by 2040.

Awards & Achievements

FedEx has achieved a lot throughout the time it has been operational. It was the title sponsor for Orange Bowl, which is played in Miami from 1989 to 2010. FedEx sponsors other games such as the NBA Memphis Grizzlies and the men’s basketball team of the University of Memphis. Also sponsors, Heineken Cup of Rugby. Since 2015, FedEx has been the main sponsor for UEFA Europa League.

In 2013, the company was named among the 100 top companies by Forbes.

Net Worth & Earnings of FedEx in 2024

FedEx Net Worth
FedEx Net Worth

As of 2024, FedEx has accumulated an estimated net worth of $60 billion. The many years it has been operational have helped the firm to acquire this much. It has been easy to make this huge amount of income from its various operating units it acquired over the years. Some of its operating units include; FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Logistics, FedEx Office, and many more. They have spread their operations in different parts of Europe and the United States, thus generating such huge amounts.

FedEx has become one of the largest companies in the world which deal with service delivery. The company was started by one university student, but over the years, it has grown and expanded such that it has more than 425 thousand employees. Although the company has faced several controversies, such as tax avoidance, it has continued to expand.


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