Legal Name: The Ford Motor Company
Headquarters Regions: Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Founded Date: 16 June 1903
Founders: Henry Ford
Number of Employees: 200000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: multinational automaker
Net Worth in 2024: $290 Billion

The Ford Motor Company, mostly known as Ford, is a popular multinational American automobile franchise. The company is headquartered in the suburb of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan, US. It was launched by Henry Ford and was all set to incorporate on the 16th of June in the year 1903. It basically trades all kinds of automobile and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and luxury cars under the Lincoln brand.

Hence, the basic industry company deals with automotive, and it all set into this world more than a century ago. The company provides its services all along with the world except Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan and some skirts of Japan. The main members of the Ford team includes-Jim Farley and William Clay Ford.

Well, how well do you know about Ford? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Ford’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Ford to date.


Ford Motor Company is a famous multinational American automaker corporation which was launched on 16th of June in the year 1903 by Henry Ford who is a popular American industrialist and business magnate. The corporation is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United Sates.

The franchise sells commercial vehicles and automobiles in the name of brand-Ford and the most luxurious cars in the name of brand-Lincoln. The franchise is the 2nd largest automaker of US and 5th largest behind Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia and General Motors around the world in 2015.

The company also possess 32% stake in Jiangling Motors, 8% stake in Aston Martin of UK and Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller.  The franchise has some joint ventures with nations like Turkey (Ford Otosan), Russia (Ford Sollers), China (Changan Ford), Thailand (AutoAlliance Thailand) and Taiwan (Ford Lio Ho). The franchise is owned the Ford Family which has the majority of the voting power and minority ownership and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


The franchise was the first attempt at car manufacturing by Henry Ford and was named as “Cadillac Motor Company” on the 22nd of August in the year 1902. With almost US$28,000 wealth from 12 investors, the Ford franchise was launched in the year 1903 in a converted factory.

The very first president of the corporation was John S. Gray. The company was established by a business tycoon named Henry Ford, who was just 39 years old. The company is ruled by the Ford family for almost 100 years and currently is the largest family-controlled corporation worldwide.

In 1885, the very first gasoline-powered car was made by Carl Benz, a German Investor. Later, there was a need for creating more efficient, good quality and affordable vehicles for middle-class folks. In 1913, the company achieved this goal and introduced the first moving assembly line in the Ford franchise.

Later, Ford modified their vehicles and introduced safety equipment’s in the car such as traditional deep-dish, optional front, Seatbelts and padded dash from the year 1956.

The franchise was on number 11th in 2018 out of 500 lists in overall US-based corporations based on the global revenue of almost $156.7 billion.

Throughout the years, the franchise has developed bit by bit and now is a massive company with an enormous net worth, customers and employees. In the following years, the company and the members have worked immensely hard and have served millions of people with their incredible and creative designs of automobiles.

The journey of the franchise was full of ups and downs, just like a roller coaster ride. The franchise employees have worked hard with full passion and determination over the years to make the company one of the biggest automobile corporations in America.

Awards & Achievements

The franchise is considered one of the best motor companies in the US. It has paved it really long (more than 100 years) to reach where they are. They have always produced amazing vehicles and have persistently tried to bring in innovation and treat the users with some degree of new and worthy services.

Their efforts were not left unrecognized, and they consistently won quite a few grants back-to-back from 2011 to 2016. They have stood as the second-largest motor company in the US and 5th in the world. The Ford family won 40% voting rights via class B shares. They also stood 11th in America based company in 2008 in fortune 500 lists.

They were able to make 5.5321 million automobiles and hire 213K people, and have served around 90 plants worldwide.

Net Worth & Earnings of Ford in 2024

Ford Net Worth
Ford Net Worth

As of 2024, Ford has able to make a total net worth of $290 billion. They were able to collect this wealth by being associated with the automobile business. The above value can clearly signify the market worth of the company. Additionally, waving from different investors, different opinions knocks around whereby it is also considered that the market is changing hourly and will surely shoot out all other parallel running markets soon.

Ford automotive and the vehicle company has been able to grab a lot over the years they have expanded their career. They have achieved huge prosperity ever since they began exploring the world of automobiles. It has also earned a lot through their sale of cars.

However, cash is not something they are limited to; it has even touched many families’ hearts over the years. They have also earned a lot of fame and recognition through their customers and their investors, who are happy with the amount of profit they have accumulated in return. They have recognized themselves as a world-class firm.


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