FUNnel Vision
FUNnel Vision

FUNnel Vision is a popular YouTube channel run by a family comprising six members, among which 4 are lovely kids, namely Lexi, Michael, Chase and Shawn. The channel makes amazing fun videos aiming to bring a smile to its audience’s face. They try hard to post a video every week concerned with anything related to the house, vlogs, kids, road trips, vacations, food ch

allenges, costumes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and much more. The channel videos are immensely loved and appreciated by people from around the globe. The mastermind behind the channel is Vincent Carter, who is supported by his wife, Samantha Ryan. They have many more channels, which are also working amazingly well.

Well, how well do you know about FUNnel Vision? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about FUNnel Vision’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about FUNnel Vision to date.


FUNnel Vision is a well-cherished, popular and successful channel on the video streaming platform called YouTube. This channel is owned by a family of 6 members, which include parents Vincent Carter and Samantha Ryan and the four children. Through this channel, the family also does endorsement deals, product placements and selling merchandise. This is a fun channel in which many videos of interesting content are available. This channel includes videos of family vlogs, challenges, vacations, traveling and many more interesting things.

This channel has garnered more than 6 million subscribers and is considered one of the most popular channels on the video streaming platform YouTube. They have a massive fan base and followers on their social media accounts, increasing their popularity day by day. This family is ruling the hearts of millions of people by this channel, but they also have some other channels that also have millions of subscribers.


The popular and talented family has created the channel Funnel vision on YouTube, which is immensely popular. This channel owner is popularly known by the name FV family. This family consists of 6 members having their deep roots in the United States of America. The family members consist of daddy – Vincent Carter, mamma- Samantha Ryan and four kids named Shawn Ryan (Shawn Funnel Vision), Michael Ryan (Skylander Boy or Mike), Chase Ryan (Lightcore Chase) and Alexis Ryan (Skylander Girl or Lexi).

All the videos on the channel are based on fun content. The family also runs a YouTube channel called FGTeeV, which has more than 10 million subscribers. This channel is mainly dedicated to family challenges, vlogs and other activities, and their other channel, FGTeeV, is popularly for the ultimate gaming. The full form of the channel is family gaming teams’ extraordinarily entertaining videos.

The family also owns a three-year-old dog which is called an Oreo, who appears on most of their vlogs. This channel is immensely popular among kids, teens and even adults for its family-friendly vlogs and funny content and challenges. To date, the FV family has collected more than 6 million subscribers and 5 billion total views on their videos. The family channel receives an average of around 6.5 million views from different videos and blogs per day and earns $32,500 per day.

FV family is one of the most accomplished and popular YouTubers and owns a total of three channels on the video streaming platform. All of their channels have more than 1 million subscribers. Michael and Lexi, popularly known as the Skylanders boy and Skylander girl, respectively, are the main duo on their channel and create great content.

Presently, their lovely little sister has also made her way to their channel to make regular appearances in their fantastic videos. The content of two is mainly based on gift unboxing, music, gameplay, custom videos and many more. They have collected millions of subscribers to date, with around 1,000 new fans joining every day. Their channel receives more than 1 million views coming from different content and videos.

The FV family is a great and lovely family that spread some positive and beautiful vibes worldwide. They all are hardworking and creative people who love to make videos for their fans. They have made their way to success with their incredible videos.


FUNnel Vision has made a successful and well-appreciated YouTube career to date. The channel has around 6.5 million subscribers, which means that they would have achieved two creators’ awards. One for accumulating 100K subscribers is a silver play button, and the other for collecting 1 million subscribers is a golden play button. They would soon achieve a diamond play button when they would hit 10 million subscribers.

Net Worth & Earnings of FUNnel Vision in 2024

FUNnel Vision Net Worth
FUNnel Vision Net Worth

FUNnel Vision is a YouTube channel whose content covers a wide genre such as vlogs which comprises of road trips, vacations and much more. They also do some pranks, challenges, some skits where they dress up in certain costumes, present their holiday videos and much more. The channel is running amazingly and has an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2024, which is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

FUNnel Vision is a popular YouTube channel run by Vincent Carter, who is popularly known as Skylander’s dad. He is actually the mastermind behind the highly rated and successful YouTube channels FGTeeV, The Skylander Boy, and Girl FUNnelvision, DohMuchFun, which are known as the Skylander family channels. All of his channels are doing amazing. He is not only a successful YouTuber but also a successful family person. He is happily married to his wife and has four beautiful children, and is currently enjoying his life to its fullest.


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