Band Name: Hanson
Also known as: Hanson
Founded Year: 1992
Origin: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Members: 3
Members Name: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac
Years Active: 1992–present
Genres: pop-rock band
Net Worth in 2024: $40 million
Last Updated: April 2024

Music is one of the most favorites of a vast crowd. Also, music is spreading widely in all aspects. One of the leading genres is Pop. One of the biggest names dominating pop music over a few decades is “Handson band.” The band originated in the 1990s and has never missed any chance to leave its mark: Itis, an American pop band which has its root from Tulsa, Oklahoma, US.

They have given several hits across the world and are widely known for their performances. They have also received a Grammy Award through their debut album. The band had also faced partition but still had managed to keep up with their fame. They have sold 16 million copies worldwide and have had three Top 20 albums. The company had finally established its own independent record label-“3CG Records”.

Well, how well do you know about Hanson? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Hanson’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Hanson to date.


Hanson, an American Pop and Power Band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, was established in 1992 by three brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Two additional members performed and toured with the band live since 2007 are Dimitrius Collins and Andrew Peruse. The band was named after the surname of three brothers.

They got fame and success from their debut album called “Middle of Nowhere” in 1991, which is released through Mercury Records and in 1998 received three nominations for Grammy Awards. Later Mercury Records, a group label associated with sister labels, then moved to Island Def Jam Music Group. Later the group separated after releasing one album on Island Def Jam.


The first-ever concert of this fantastic pop band was in 1992 at Mayfest Arts Festival in Tulsa. In 1993, they shortened their name from Hanson Brothers to Hanson. They started their musical careers as a pianist, but two of them eventually turned their ways to guitar (Isaac) and drums (Zac). Later they recorded two albums independently in their hometown, Tulsa, which are MMMBop and Boomerang. Then MMMBop became their single runway in their debut album “Middle of Nowhere.”

They did a concert in Austin, Texas, where they got signed by great manager Christopher Sebac. Later they also got signed by Mercury Records due to their incredible performances. Almost 10 million copies are sold worldwide of this album. After this album, they got famous and received a nomination at Grammy Awards in 1998.

Their popularity was exploding like lava, and then Mercury Records released their first-ever documentary in the wake of their success. Governor Frank Keating of Tulsa announced May 6 as a “Hanson Day.” After their unauthorized biographies are released, they talked to their good friend Jarrod Gollihare of Admiral Twin to write their authorized biographies. In 1998 February Hanson: The Official Book ranked nine on New York Times Best Seller List. After their massive popularity, they did a successful concert tour, which is called Albertine Tour.

In order of their previous work, they released some tracks from their albums MMMBop and Boomerang. In 2000 the Mercury Records associated with Island Def Jam and released their second album, “This Time Around.” Due to the lack of promotional funds, sales were meager. They did their summer tour with their funds.

After three years, they left the Island Def Jam as the label refused 80 songs from them, saying that it lacked marketability, and started their career with an independent label called 3CG Records. They have different distribution deals throughout the world. They also signed “10th Street Entertainment” which a management company.

They released their most successful album, “Underneath,” which almost sold 37,500 copies in the first week only. They got a massive fan following during that time, which inspire them to work hard. In 2007, they released their first documentary, “Talking the Walk,” on iTunes.

On May 6 2007, they re-recorded their first major album on account of the 10th Anniversary of Hanson Day following the release of their fourth album “The Walk.” They did a concert in their hometown, inviting all their fan club members.

Today, Hanson is not only a band of music. It is a way to spread love, hope, light, and respect to all.

Awards & Achievements

The band has earned significant recognition and had been nominated many times. The awards achieved by them are as follows:-

  • In 1997 Hanson won for “Best Song and Best New Act.”
  • In 1998, they won –“New Artist of the year,” “Best International Newcomer, World’s Best Selling New Artist.”
  • Also for “Favorite music group,” “Favorite Song,” Best Selling Holiday Album,” and “Best Selling Music Video” in the same year.

Net Worth & Earnings of Hanson in 2024

Hanson Net Worth
Hanson Net Worth

Hanson is a popular music band group. It is a trio consisting of three brothers. As of 2024, The net worth of Hanson is nearly $40 Million. Their primary source of income is from the music videos they release worldwide and also from the live concerts.

Handson got established in the 1990s and had given a new wave to the music industry. The band has not ever stopped giving quality music even though they faced immense struggles. The successful band has also achieved its fair share of awards and nominations over the years. They are highly dedicated and passionate since their commencement, and they are yet performing with the same love for their music in the heart.


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