Hodgetwins is a popular name for two YouTubers, Keith and Kevin, who have shown outstanding YouTube success. They own several YouTube channels that two expert brothers and entrepreneurs run. The channel focuses on the fitness niche, stand-up comedy, and other businesses. The channel has gained much success, including popularity and net worth.

Besides, the brother is generally hard-working. Furthermore, being twins, the chemical bond is so strong and has been enhanced by their current YouTube career. The brothers have been consistent in producing content regularly. They have a great sense of humor evident in their various comical phrases. However, some of their commentary videos have earned them some criticism.

Nevertheless, their fitness videos have been informative. Backed up with international fitness certification, the twin has considerable authority on YouTube’s fitness niche. Furthermore, their fitness training has ranked as being one of the best fitness training released on YouTube.

Some of the popular channels include Twin Muscle (2.2 million subscribers and 514 million views), askhodgetwins (1.4 million subscribers and 329 million views), ConservativeTwins (1.44 million subscribers and 67 million views). With millions of fans, the brothers have earned handsomely through advertisements on their channels.

Well, how well do you know about Hodgetwins? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Hodgetwins’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Hodgetwins to date.


Popularly known as the Hodgetwins, their YouTube channel was founded by Keith W. Hodge and Kevin N. Hodge. The brothers are twins who were born on 17th September. They are American citizens. The twins grew up as talented comedians and entertainers. One of their lowest moments occurred on 16th September 2013 when they lost their mother.

Before majoring as YouTubers, the brothers worked in different industries. They have worked in Marine Corps, where they pretend to be customers but are security guards who caught several thieves. They also secured a job in insurance companies. Their jobs were neither well-paying nor offered self-satisfaction at that time, but they had no other option.

During that time, they could create one or two videos whenever they were free. The TwinMuscle channel was made, and on 25th December 2008, the first video was uploaded. The video was more of an augmentative comedy. At that time, they were not focused on which niche to focus on. As a result, they uploaded diverse videos, including a commentary on current events. They also engaged in relationship advice.

The channel started obtaining fame. They decided to resign from their work and engaged in a full-time YouTube career.


A new channel named ‘Twin Muscle Workout’ was created, which has also become a hit. Having received the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified trainers, the brothers can comfortably offer fitness services worldwide. They have been featured on the first page of TRAIN magazine on several occasions. 2014 marked their success year as their number of fans and subscribers skyrocketed across the world.

The fitness niche has brought them much fame. Currently, the duo uploads an average of six to seven videos a day. The most famous video in the channel is the ‘Hodgetwins You Are Not Black@hodgetwins.’ Besides being certified trainers, they have now focused their content on fitness training and healthy living.

They command a significant following of fans throughout the world who have made them millionaires. They ranked among the top performers in the fitness industry. Some of the popular channels they own and manage include the TwinMuscle, which has over 2.2 million subscribers and has over 514 million views. The track has focused more on fitness.

Another channel is the askhodgetwins channel which has 1.4 million subscribers has 329 million views. The ConservativeTwins, which has 1.44 million subscribers, is more of conservative political commentary and stand-up comedy. It has 67 million views. They command a significant number of fans across YouTube.

Other than owning a YouTube channel, the twins own an online shopping store. Some of the sold products include but are not limited to branded wristbands, hoodies, and t-shirts. They also sell protein powder supplements.

In 2013, their cousin was accidentally shot. Thanks to their fans, the twins were able to raise substantial medical bills through their channels. Apart from being focused YouTubers, the twins are happily married for more than 15 years each. After being Los Angeles’s residence for more than 17 years, they relocated back to their home state in Virginia. With a consistent income source, together with their families, the brothers have toured the UK and Australia, among other places.

Awards & Achievements

  • Hodgetwins have International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certification
  • They feature on the first page of TRAIN Magazine
  • They have been ranked position four for best fitness YouTube channel by CheetSheet
  • They have millions of subscribers and views across all their YouTube channels

Net Worth & Earnings of Hodgetwins in 2024

Hodgetwins Net Worth
Hodgetwins Net Worth

As of 2024, Hodgetwins net worth is about $5 million. They have a lot of content, considering the brothers have improved from uploading one video whenever they are accessible to uploading about six to seven videos each day. The videos include both entertainment and informational content.

The vast range of uploads has attracted a massive following of fans who are constantly refreshed with new uploads. Other side businesses include an online store where they sell various fitness products and their own branded products to their lovers. As a result, they keep their fans updated and entertained and offer them great products to improve their lifestyle and create memorable experiences.

Having a significant following gives them an advantage in terms of earning revenue through advertisement. They have also won endorsement deals to be various fitness products brand ambassadors.

The Hodgetwins, Keith, and Kevin are some of the most awesome YouTubers on the planet. With the frequent release of fresh content, the twins command a significant following. Furthermore, their international certification has earned much success and legitimacy in the fitness industry. As a result, having already established an excellent reputation online, their online store is also another success under their name.


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