With the upcoming modernity, it has become a trend of utilizing content illegally, of which one of the sites is taking advantage. KissAsian a website known for providing the best Asian dramas with English subtitles without spending a penny. It allows watching Asian dramas online without spending any bucks. However, the downloading facility is not available. The website offers all kinds of Asian dramas from oldest to latest with high quality. The website gives it an opportunity to enjoy it anywhere, anytime on the mobile interface.

The site is considered illegal because it has been reported utilizing the property of others, specifically ABS-CBN, a registered company in the Philippines. The company is one of the largest cable providers in the country. Along with it, the KissAsian website is considered to have many clone sites as well. The main aim of it is to bypass technical issues the company might experience in case of unresponsiveness and overloads of the server, for example, kiss is one of them.

Well, how well do you know about KissAsian? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about KissAsian’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about KissAsian to date.


When it comes to the audience’s entertainment, the Western States have always been a vital contender on the stage globally. But, now the entertainment industry has had an influx of some interesting content from other locations. As the entertainment content from other cultures found its way towards the global stage, new massive fan bases rose up in different places worldwide.

For new fans of Asian dramas, a website was entitled as KissAsian for their entertainment. Many Asian dramas, content, and series can be watched by people worldwide in English subtitles on this website. It is a very popular and well-cherished website which people from all over the world highly watch. It contains a long list of shows that are available for streaming.

It has different brand new dramas, top month, most popular, top week and top day. This kind of categorization is an important feature for the users of the popular and incredible website. Presently, this website has more than 2,000 dramas and movies combined.


The popular and highly watched and appreciated website has all kinds of Asian dramas. The most important feature it has is English subtitles, and people worldwide can enjoy all dramas. This is the important reason for the website’s highest rating. To use this amazing website, all you need to do is visit this website called KissAsian and search for the series you want to watch. The one problem with this website is ads pop up while streaming the shows. From high school dramas to anime, all kinds of dramas are present here to bookmarking these dramas.

The creators, managers and administrators of this website are still unknown, and this is because of which the illegal complications of running and establishing websites are like this. Different production companies own the dramas and movies on this website.

These production companies are earning money from this website in terms of visiting and clicking on the website. Dramas on this website are uploaded without the permission of these production companies as they have not been given rights to do so, and it makes all the content of this website pirated.

The website is considered safe for use as it doesn’t ask for your personal data before you start using this website. However, these production houses don’t get money for their work, making this website illegal.

Currently, the KissAsian website is facing an $8 million lawsuit from the TV network of the Philippines, and it also suspends all the Philippines drama from the website. A local TV network called ABS-CBN filed this lawsuit against this website for allegedly infringing trademarks and copyrights.

According to the Philippines Star, a report is created that says the lawsuit filed against the website-KissAsian for streaming 27 dramas from this ABS-CBN network. This was not the first time the network has filed a lawsuit for trademark and copyright. This network has also filed a lawsuit against around 11 websites for streaming their shows without permission and was awarded won $1 million from each site.


The website has not achieved any kind of super achievements or recognitions till date

Net Worth & Earnings of KissAsian in 2024

KissAsian Net Worth
KissAsian Net Worth

The website might have suffered a loss in its overall income after the violation, and actions were taken against it when it seemed to subject content ab to the Philippines site. Kiss has also faced an $8 million lawsuit as filed by the Philippine TV network.

Overall, the incredible website-KissAsian has ruled millions of hearts of many people worldwide, and it’s been immensely loved for its user-friendly interface apart which provides English subtitles, which has killed the linguistic issues, thus increasing its popularity over folds. As of 2024, the estimated net worth of this site could be around $20 million. The figure may vary.

KissAsian is the finest and most popular website for watching any kind of Asian drama. This site offers all kinds of dramas completely free online with the highest quality. The website is kinda illegal. However, it consists of many extensions. Apart from all the faults demerits, a lot of its users still love the website because of its user-friendly interface and the provision of using it on the phone. Its audience often criticizes the captchas and advertisements of this.


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