Legal Name: Lego System A/S
Headquarters Regions: Billund, Denmark
Founded Date: 10 August 1932
Founders: Ole Kirk Christiansen
Number of Employees: 21000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: toy production company
Net Worth in 2024: $40 Billion

You all might have heard about this biggest toy manufacturing company, well it is located in Denmark. Yes, I am talking about Lego. One of the toys having bigger market capitalization. It is a brand company that makes plastics toys like building blocks, interlocking plastic bricks, etc. This company has also established many amusement parks throughout the globe in the name of Lego land.

There is a huge number of Lego retail shops Lego throughout the globe. They are able to establish themselves in the field because of the products and the quality that they provide during the time of their work and also because of their quantity of production of the product they provide towards their customer and thus they are a true competitor in the market.

In 1932, dated on 10th of August, Lego was founded by Christensen Crick. The name Lego is derived from the word, leg gold which is a Danish word. The meaning of this word is to play well. Soon in the year 2015, it became the top toy company in terms of revenue and sales. Its new CEO was appointed in the year 2017, whose name is Christensen.

Well, how well do you know about Lego? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Lego’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Lego to date.


It has been nearly a century when this company was established. In starting part of the 20th century, they used to make wooden toys. Although initially, it was not well demanded with coming time, it is requested increased. In the year 1947, they started making toys from plastic. Soon the company started its expansion globally. Its first venture in the USA was established in 1972 and Canada in the year 1986.

Its company in Switzerland was closed in the year 2001. This company was responsible for 30% of their company growth at that time. Its Baar facility was also soon closed in the year 2004. They started making miniature toys and models in the year 1962 of April month. Also, this company is responsible for making tires; by the year 2014, it had manufactured around 380 million tires.

Their production named Lego Production AG was founded in Switzerland. It helped to earn major revenue, but it was closed due to some reason in the year 2001. Their Baar facility was also closed in the year 2004. the company did not give up but they still continued to fulfill the attention and needs of their customers.


Apart from making and manufacturing toys, this company also had constructed many amusement parks named Lego land. It is just like a mini-city having models and buildings of Lego toys. Its first amusement park was Denmark in a city called Billund. Soon in another area like London, California, Germany and Deutschland, Legoland was quickly constructed. It has attracted a huge number of the public till now.

Merlin Entertainments has also partnered with Lego land. By their partnership, they opened their first Lego land in California in the year 2010. Lego land, which was built in Florida at October 2011, became the first largest Lego land globally.

The Legoland debutted in Asia in the year 2012, when it was built in Malaysia. Soon after this, more Lego land was opened in Dubai, Nagoya and Korea.

Apart from Lego land, they had opened around 137 retail shops all around the globe. Out of this leading stores is in the USA, having around 83 retail outlets. There are 14 outlets in the UK. Apart from this, its retail is also there in China, India, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden and Australia.

They also have founded a media company named Lego Media, having its headquarters in London in England. It has been releasing many animated movies and series for children, which serve as entertainment for them. This company, i.e., media corporation, has also released a video game for children which has been played all around the world. They had released a blockbuster motion picture named Little Robots. It was a super hit movie by Lego media, which was watched all over the world.


Lego has left behind the legacy in toy manufacturing company since last 100 years. It is a brand in the world of toys company. It has won many awards in its history, including many award  of Toys of The Year of which includes Best Construction toys, Best Playable toys, Collectible Award, and Specialty awards. They have won this award in their long history.

It was also included in the Toy Hall of Fame in their nation in the year 1988. But of all the biggest achievement is their toy company which has been spread all around the world. The increase in their revenue and growth is a big reward for them.

Lego, at present, is the number one toy company in the world. It is a brand company in the world. It is the quality of the toy which has attracted huge customer in the world—their toy act as a stress buster for all age of people.

Net Worth & Earnings of Lego in 2024

Lego Net Worth
Lego Net Worth

At present day, Lego is considered one of the wealthiest companies in the world. It is among the most profitable toy companies in the world, having around a wealth of $40 billion as of 2024. This company annual earning is around $10.8 billion. The major source of income comes from various operations come from the product and the revenue they operate. Their sales have been exponentially increased in the last 87 years.

Lego land also contributes to the wealth of Lego Toy Company. Lego land has been spread all around the world. Since the world population is increasing, its income is also growing year to year. It has been generated around millions of toys till now. We believe that the net worth of the company is going to increase in the coming years.

Since its inception from the year 1932, it has faced many ups and downs but has always shown an uptrend in its growth.  The amusement has also helped this company to earn a major chunk of revenue. Their parks or toys act as a recreational method for many children as well as adults. There will be no decrease in the demand for the toy in the upcoming days. Hence, we expect to increase its growth and sales in future.

It is their management and the fundamental values which have helped the company to increase their net worth. Their leadership is highly efficient and highly experienced.


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