Mo's Bows
Mo’s Bows
Legal Name: Mo’s Bows
Headquarters Regions: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Founded Date: 2011
Founders: Moziah Bridges
Number of Employees: 10+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: Designer bow ties & men’s accessories
Net Worth in 2024: $1 million

If you are looking to invest in high-class bow ties and other modern fashion accessories, then Mo’s Bows is the company to consult. It runs an online shop where you can buy all the accessories you need. One of its unique features is the handcrafted feature, where the development team focuses more on excellence than quantity.

It includes unique designs and features and matches any suit that you buy. The main accessories include bowties, neckties, and squares. The company aims to ensure that you feel good about yourself and confident as you leave your home for business meetings, parties, work, or any other place.

Well, how well do you know about Mo’s Bows? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Mo’s Bows’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Mo’s Bows to date.


The founder of Mo’s Bows is Moziah Bridges, and he also acts as the president and creative director of the company. It is a family-based business in Memphis. The business dates back to 2011, when Bridges was nine years old. He tells how he took interest in delivering a look that makes you stylish and confident by adding a little elegance to your wardrobe.

Moziah explained that he needed a sharp accessory that would add a sharp look and elegance to his closet when growing up. And despite the many suit shops and clothing lines, the simple accessories available were limiting. He stated that he couldn’t get anything that suited his personality and look, and he felt there was a need for this sector to grow.

With that, he asked the help of his granny, where he started creating his bow ties. Moziah would often create new designs that were bold, elegant, and delivered a confident look. It was a baby business he founded when he was nine years old in his grandmother’s kitchen tables in South Memphis, and today, it is an internationally-recognized brand.

After sharing his ideas with his mother, Tramica Morris, the two founded the company Mo’s Bows, and for years, his mother was responsible for the numbers. But with time, the two have started working together to ensure the growth of the company. Starting up the company was a process, and Moziah’s mother often explained how the two would talk about the sales and how to improve them. Since founding Mo’s Bows, Moziah Bridges became an inspiration to other kids who dream of creating their brand or company.


A company starts from somewhere before evolving and achieving more. Mo’s Bows is a company that started with bow ties but is now working on hats, neckties, and squares. In early 2015, Moziah managed to deal with the NBA to produce bow ties for all the 30 professional basketball teams.

This move was a new chapter for the company. Kevin O’Leary once gave Bridges a deal, but FUBU clothing CEO Daymond John agreed to become his mentor for free if he didn’t take Kelvin’s deal. John spoke of how he identified himself with Moziah since a single mum also raised him, and the two worked on making a clothing line that is now internationally known. Since then, John and Morris have a close relationship, and he often gives him advice on how to deal with particular business issues.

For the company’s exposure, Morris held conferences in the country and abroad where he talked of his experience and what Mo’s Bows are aiming at achieving in the coming years. With John’s inspiration, he has learned to give back to the community by founding a philanthropic side where he creates a bow tie each year where all its earnings got to charity. The company kicked off with several temporary workers, but currently, they have a full-time permanent development team

Speaking of the future, Moziah Bridges is working on having a complete fashion line before turning twenty years and dreams of joining the Parsons School of Design in New York. Other the years, the company has evolved to producing neckties, pocket squares, hats, and t-shirts. He aims to follow his mentor’s path, Daymond John, and keep in mind his advice to always stay humble but at a healthy confidence level to make his vision a reality. Mo’s Bows also aims to create not the typical clothes and have a powerful influence and name in the fashion industry.

Awards & Achievements

Mo’s Bows is an accessories clothing line under Moziah Bridges. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs after founding the company when he was nine years old. In 2018, Mo’s Bows was awarded the Annual Stone Awards for its excellence and focus. Bridges became the most outstanding Junior Entrepreneur in National and International Business.

Also, the company has grown over the years since, other than bow ties, and he evolved to other accessories that give the user a sharp and elegant look. Mo’s Bows is expected to grow with time as the development team learns more and works to achieve a complete fashion line with time.

Net Worth & Earnings of Mo’s Bows in 2024

Mo's Bows Net Worth
Mo’s Bows Net Worth

Mo’s Bows net worth is $1 million as of 2024. This amount has been amassed from the various deals that Moziah Bridges has acquired in the last few years. The company has also started producing other things apart from bow ties, which is a massive step. Mo’s Bows popularity and exposure continue to grow, and experts forecast that the net worth will rise with time.

Mo’s Bows is a company under Moziah Bridges, a young entrepreneur. He founded it when he was nine years old and has worked hard to get to this level. His business kicked off in his grandmother’s kitchen tables after sketching a few bow ties that to him were an example of what an elegant and sharp look was since the bow ties sector was limiting.

Later, alongside his mother, the two took up the business venture to create accessories that were comfortable and elegant for all. Ten years later, it is a national and internationally-known brand. Its story and how Mo’s Bows came to be are an inspiration to many looking to start a business venture.


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