Offline TV is an online social entertainment group that consists of content creators which are based in Los Angeles, California. The group mainly produces a wide range of content that includes prank videos, vlogs, and housemates playing games. All the members of this group usually maintain a large on various social media platforms.

The original members of the group are Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Christopher Chan, and William “Scarra” Li. There are various YouTube channels under Offline TV, including Offline TV, Scarra, Pokimane, lILYpICHU, Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, Offline TV Podcast, Offline TV Podcast Clips, and Offline TV & Friends.

Well, how well do you know about Offline TV? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Offline TV’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Offline TV to date.


Offline TV was founded in 2017 by three members; William “Scarra” Li and his manager, Chris Chan and Imane “Pokimane” Anys. Li had previously tried to create a content house but was not successful until he created Offline TV. After a little while, a fourth member was added to the group, Based Yoona. In a message that Li shared, he disclosed that he wanted to live with friends. His original intention was to live with people and make cool stuff. He started the idea with his manager, Chris.

The group currently has seven members who play different roles in the group. Scarra is the co-founder of the group in 2017. His real name is William Jimmy Li, and he was born on 25 November 1989. He is an American Twitch streamer and also a former player of League of Legends. He is the mid laner for Team Dignitas. He co-founded the group alongside his then-manager, Chris Chan.

The other member is Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys. He is a Moroccan Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. He was born on 14 May 1996. She is among the first four members of Offline TV. She lived in the Offline TV house until June 2020, when she moved in with her fellow streamers, Valkyrae, in July. She said she made a move because she had trouble balancing work and life. She also had problems with former Offline TV member, Federico Gaytan, popularly known as Fedmyster, after he made advances on her personal life thus had no trust with him.

LilyPichu is another member popularly known as Lily Ki. He is an American Twitch streamer, YouTube personality, and musician born on 20 November 1991. She joined Offline TV in 2017 for a Personality role. Another member who joined in 2017 is Disguised Toast for the same role. His real name is Jeremy Wang, and he was born on 25 November 1991. He is a Taiwanese-Canadian Twitch and Facebook steamer and rose to fame after playing Hearthstone.

Yvonne Ng, popularly known as Yvonnie is currently the house manager of Offline TV. She joined the group in 2018. MICHAEL Reeves is the last member of the group. He is an American Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. He was born on 20 November 1997. He played a personality role in the group and joined in 2020. The person in charge of production is Brodin Plett, who joined in 2020.


With the growth of the group, new members were incorporated, although they are no longer working with Offline TV. They played a major role in the growth of the group as they joined in the initial stages. Chris Chan was the co-founder in 2017 with Scarra. He was Scarra’s manager by then and worked in the management.  He departed from the group in 2018. Based Yoona also joined in 2017 playing personality role. He departed in 2018. Pecca and PokeLawls also joined in 2017 but left in 2018. Pecca played the role of management and personality while the latter personality role. Other members in 2017 are TheeMarkz and Xell, who played production and personality roles. They both left in 2017.

Fedmyster joined the group in 2017 as the editor. He also played production, personality, and management roles in the group. He departed from the group in 2020. His real name is Federico Michael Gaytan, and he was born on 7 August 1995. He is a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. Albert Chang is another former member of the group. He joined in 2018 and was in charge of production and personality. He departed in 2019.


Offline TV has been very successful since it was founded in 2017. The main content of the group is comedy, entertainment, and gaming. It has a total of over 2.7 million subscribers and over 400 million viewers. They have been able to attract a large number of followers through their wide range of content, vlogs, and prank videos which many enjoy. Although some members have been faced with some controversies, the group’s operations are ongoing.

Net Worth & Earnings of Offline TV in 2024

OfflineTV Net Worth
OfflineTV Net Worth

Offline TV has been performing very well since its inception. They earn approximately $13.5 thousand every month. They have uploaded more than 147 videos on YouTube and made a handsome amount of net worth. As of 2024, Their net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million or even more. This figure is expected to continue increasing as they are gaining new fans each day.

Offline TV is a YouTube channel that comprises members mostly who are Twitch streamers. The various members have their followers and combined with Offline followers, and the cumulative figure is 15 392 000. The group is doing very well and is one of the current entertainment platforms on the internet.


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