PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as the Pubg is an online game. Thanks to its multiplayer settings of battles, it is fun and entertaining because of the competition. The game is under the PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary South Korean video game Company, Bluehole. It first came live in Microsoft Windows in 2017, March. In 2018, the team officially released the game in the Microsoft Studios for the Xbox Game Preview program.

Well, how well do you know about PUBG? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about PUBG’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about PUBG to date.


This game bases its development from the Brendan Greene previous creations. Its inspiration comes from the Battle Royale, a 2000 Japanese film. Additionally, the game involves multiple gamers travelling to an island. On their journey, they hunt for equipment and weapons to kill others. While at it, they had one huge challenge. The players have to make sure that they do not die in the process. Eventually, the last man standing wins the game.

The concept and design came to be from Brendan Greene. In addition to Pubg, Greene is also the creator of ARMA 2 mod. His primary motivation source is the Royale Battle. Equally important, his interaction with other popular games such as Delta Force and America’s Army was also a source of inspiration. From the games, he liked an open-minded character with realistic military simulation.

Previously he worked as a graphic designer, photographer and web designer. With little knowledge in coding, Brendan decided to try his best to make his idea see the light. Therefore, by the end of the game’s development, he had two achievements. After all, as he worked on creating the game, he also started learning how to program.

Throughout the development, his goal was to achieve diversity. That’s because Greene found most of the repetitive game shooting boring and easy to memorize the map. To be different, he settled for suspense and unpredictability. His main goal was to create a random multiplayer online game where players can expect anything at any time. For him to achieve these settings, the maps had to be larger in comparison to other games. His other source of motivation was the Survivor GameZ online competition for DayZ.


Before the initial release of the Pubg by Bluehole, the team put in place a well-closed alpha and beta period with at least 80,000 players to monitor the game’s interaction. Before the early phase game testing, the company opened several servers. Later, it invited different popular live streamers to increase the game’s popularity. Greene had worked with a fantastic team of talented individuals. In 2017, July, the company collaborated with other social media platforms and delivered exclusive streaming content to gaming channels.

The Early access in the Windows version came live in 2017, March 23rd. The game development team intended to release by September 2017 with the aim of six-months testing time. However, Greene explained that it was vital to extend the time. Reactions from the gamers in the testing level were beyond their expectation. The high frequency of players led to quality control issues considering the monthly improvements of the development team.

PUBG game success was rapid that the Tencent Games, the largest gaming company in China, approached them for a deal. However, a few months later, China Video Publishing Association released negative remarks. They detailed how the game was too violent and went against China’s socialism values. However, the Government of China and PUBG made a deal for the game to reach China via Tencent Games.

However, after the game release, China players managed to create several software programs to use to cheat in the game. Tencent Games was able to report most of these programs. As a result, it leads to the arrest of hundreds. But this issue led to the insecurity of other western players who felt it was unfair that the Chinese players take advantage of low internet in the case of other players. The players’ community started throwing racial comments to the Chinese players. And Greene called out to urge players to respect each other.

In recent years, PUGB Lite version’s primary purpose is to better play for gamers with low-end computers with essential reductions in features and graphic details.

Awards & Achievements

PUBG has managed to get multiple positive reviews from numerous gamers all over the world. From the Metacritic website, the review aggregator explained that it had surpassed multiple play-count records in both phases of its release. After four months of its release, Bluehole released a chart of over ten million rounds levels that came to an end effectively. These results equal 25,000 working years. By August 2017, it was the second most-played game after League of Legends. Its rapid growth also surprised many game experts.

Net Worth & Earnings of PUBG in 2024

PUBG Net Worth
PUBG Net Worth

As of 2024, Pubg net worth roughly estimates to $5 billion. It has a massive global revenue gain in collaboration with different companies and a great team of talented experts. The group recorded the highest return on investment, especially after the initial release in 2017. Not to mention, it became the second-most played game in months following League of Legends.

In four times, its time consumption rating ranked over 25,000 person-years times. Fans and the development team expects Pubg to do better as time pass thanks to its creative and fantastic development. The fact that players have to pay for some features and assets during the game makes it a money generating platform. In return, the app and more so the developers get to have a livelihood.

In conclusion, PUGB is one of the top multiplayer online game of all time. It features a more comfortable setting that makes the game worthy of playing every single time you are online. Try out this fantastic game for an exceptional experience.

From the Pubg developer, one can learn an important lesson. You don’t have to be a master of your field to achieve something. After all, Brendan Greene was not an expert in coding. However, he now owns a game that makes him money. It is possible to learn as you work on something else.


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