Saudi Royal Family
Saudi Royal Family

The other name for the Saudi royal family is South, the ruling royal family of the country Saudi Arabia. Muhammad bin Saud founded it in 1720 who is said to be the founder of the first Saudi state and his brothers. The complete name of Mohammed Bin Saud is Saud Bin Muhammad Al Muqrin, who died in the year 1725 after founding the royal family. The entire family consists of 15000 members in all, but most of the wealth and power are concentrated by a group of 2000 members.

Well, how well do you know about Saudi Royal Family? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Saudi Royal Family‚Äôs net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Saudi Royal Family to date.


The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a prosperous country with 13 provinces in it along with 3.43 crores of people as per the data collected in the year 2019. The first Saudi state was able to be formed by adapting neighboring areas with the religious fight in 1744. While ruling the first Saudi state, the ruler always tried to war against Syria, Oman, and Yemen to expand the territories of Saudi Arabia.

In the year 1818, the ruler successfully formed the second Saudi state after the fall of the Diriyah, and the new state was named is Emirate of Nejd, where Riyadh was declared as the Capital city for official matters. This was when the conflict started between the royal family, which led to zero territorial expansion. There was a very less religious fight in Saudi Arabia, which formed the downfall of this Saudi royal family dynasty.

Slowly the situation came to a handle, and it was changed into a prosperous nation with wealth, trade, and healthy relationships with faraway countries when the ruler of Saudi Arabia’s family changed. The situations that they faced helped them to grow their company to the next level.


In the year 1902, this royal family exiled to Kuwait for several years in some personal issues which made the son of the family, Abdul Aziz in restoring the powerful Saudi rule in the capital city Riyadh which brought him more power in ruling and faith in the Saudi royal family by the normal people. This was a great boosting evolution Movement in the Saudi royal family.

Abdul got support from a few of his family members and the strengthening Saudi army, which made him capable of capturing different areas, including the Masmak Fort, after the brutal killing of the governor of that Fort. You will be astonished to know that Abdul was just in his twenties and proclaimed himself to be a successful leader. Being a powerful ruler of that time, he declared himself Ibn Saud. He is a remarkable ruler of the Saudi royal family who ruled for the upcoming three decades in a very victorious manner.

Ibn Saud made a healthy relationship with the British which made them possible in curing over the Rashid in 1921, and successful e he became the first ruler of Central Saudi Arabia. He was the proud father of several children who ruled Saudi Arabia after his death in 1953 by making a successful relationship with the most powerful countries globally, including the United States, British, and Japan.

Awards & achievements

As far as it is concerned about awards and achievements, this Saudi royal family has not got any International Award for their extraordinary capacity of ruling the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The greatest honor they gifted themself is conquering various neighboring countries and ruling Saudi Arabia for several decades with absolute power. Saudi royal family has always granted themselves whatever they wanted to in this world they have got a tremendous amount of wealth and monarchy power.

Net Worth & Earnings of Saudi Royal Family in 2024

Saudi Royal Family Net Worth
Saudi Royal Family Net Worth

The king who is in the ruling position has got a net worth of around $17 billion which is a huge worth. We can say that this amount is the worth of the Royal Palace. If we consider the net worth of the entire family, you will be surprised to know that the net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 trillion as of 2024. Some countries of the world don’t have this as their GDP in all that is worth this family. Along with all those money, this royal family has got great royal palaces, hotels, cars, and whatnot.

They live one of the best luxuries in life in this world. We can say no company or organization can grow so rich without facing any ups and downs in them because they too had to face their situation and therefore they are able to stand high today in this rich market, and they are also able to maintain their position in the market, and therefore they are able to guide their competitors as well.

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Saudi Royal Family was founded in the year 1720 by Muhammad bin Saud. Saudi Royal Family is the wealthiest company or family in the entire world, making tremendous wealth. They have got name and fame in the modern world of democracy and ruling Saudi Arabia people with great love and care.

The country where this family lives is Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of the oil richest countries in the world. They had to face many controversies and the problem, and after that, they still stood up, and they were able to maintain themselves in the market of richness, and they are also maintaining their position as well.

We hope Saudi Arabia grows in all aspects, taking advantage of its oil-rich land, which is gifted without maintaining a fight with the countries like Yemen, turkey, and many more. We hope Saudi Arabia maintains a healthy relationship with the other countries of the world rather than making the situation like war.

Everything is in the hands of the Saudi royal family, making Saudi Arabia a peaceful, loving and friendly nation to the world rather than fighting several wars, which makes us lose a life, wealth, and mutual trust. We pray for the health of all the royal family members and the common citizen of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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