Square Enix
Square Enix
Legal Name: Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Regions: Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan
Founded Date: 22 September 1975
Founders: Yasuhiro Fukushima, Masafumi Miyamoto
Number of Employees: 5100+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: video game holding company and entertainment conglomerate
Net Worth in 2024: $2 Billion

Hey, all the video gamers out there. There will seldom be a person who is a fan of video games and hasn’t played Square Enix company’s games. Square Enix Holding Co. Ltd. It is a Japanese video game company known for some famous games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Other than video games, it has also established its business of merchandise and amusement.

Well, how well do you know about Square Enix? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Square Enix’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Square Enix to date.


Square Enix was formed in 2003 with the merger of two firms Square and Enix. Enix was a game publishing company founded by Japanese architect turned entrepreneur Yasuhiro Fukushima. It was in operation since 1975 and was famously known for the game ‘Dragon Quest’. By 1999, Enix was listed on the first section of the ‘Tokyo Stock Exchange. On the other hand, Square was started by Masafumi Miyamoto in 1983 as a computer game software division.

After many unsuccessful games, it came up with a game, ‘Final Fantasy, which was inspired by Enix’s ‘Dragon Quest’ only. Final Fantasy VII was the second best-selling game for PlayStation with around 10 million copies. It also went ahead with developing games on the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.

Since Square was losing money continuously and after the failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Square decided to went ahead with the idea which was on the cards from much before. Square and Enix agreed to merge with Enix as the surviving company and Square as the dissolved one. The founder of Enix, as well as the largest shareholder Yasuhiro Fukushima, was made its honorary chairman.


Since the merger, Square Enix has been a successful venture and has been acquiring a number of other companies and creating several subsidiaries as well. The company firstly acquired mobile app developer UI Evolution in 2004 but sold it off to form its own Square Enix Mobile Studio for focusing on mobile products. It further widened its presence to China with Square Enix China.

It then acquired gaming developer and publisher Taito, famous for Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble. In 2009, it took over Eidos plc, a firm that was behind Tomb Raider and Hitman. In 2011, it also founded mobile development studio Hippos Lab and Square Enix Montreal. In 2011 Square Enix closed its Los Angeles studio while it closed its India-based studio in 2014.

After 2013 onwards, due to some sluggish glitches in sales, Square Enix announced a significant restructuring of the organization. President and Representative Director Yoichi Wada was replaced by Yosuke Matsuda. Phil Rogers became the CEO of Americas and Europe. Also, Square Enix Ltd. And Square Enix Inc. consolidated under the name of Square Enix West.

In 2014, the company signed a strategic alliance with French video game company Ubisoft, and in 2017 a new studio formation called Studio Istolia was announced. Square Enix again came back with its operation in India, which expanded into publishing mobile games.

Awards & Achievements

Square Enix has been a significant gaming success. Right from 1975, Exix was listed on the 1st list of Tokyo Stock exchange. Final Fantasy VII, which was a game of Square, came out as the second best-selling game with over 10 million copies being sold.

Net Worth & Earnings of Square Enix in 2024

Square Enix Net Worth
Square Enix Net Worth

Square Enix has always been ahead in numbers, whether it is financial numbers or the number of copies sold. When we look at its net worth, its net worth is a humongous $2 billion as of 2024, and it is counted amongst the top 10 richest gaming companies across the globe.

While concluding, we see an incredible and adventurous journey the gaming company Square Enix has had. Two different firms Square and Square, effectively rivals come together because of financial reasons. The association turns out historical with the world witnessing some never seen before games and numbers touching a further astonishing high. Games like Tomb Raider, Hitman, Dragon Quest are embedded in children’s minds till now. At last, we would like to thank the organization for the games it has given to the world, and we would also like to wish them all the best for their future endeavors.


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