The Cornetto Trilogy
The Cornetto Trilogy

The Cornetto Trilogy is prevalent in “Blood and Ice cream Trilogy” and “The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy.” It is a comedy film of British origin. The trilogy consists of three super exciting and blockbusters films “Shaun of the Dead,” which was released in 2004, “Hot Fuzz,” which was released in 2007 and finally “The World’s End,” with a released date in 2013. All three films were highly efficacious. The films were produced by Nira Park, Eric Fellner, Tim Vivan. The chief writers include- “Simon Pegg,” and the director is “Edgar Wright.”

Well, how well do you know about The Cornetto Trilogy? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about The Cornetto Trilogy’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about The Cornetto Trilogy to date.


“The Three flavour Cornetto Trilogy” is a successful, blockbuster British series belonging to the comedy genre. The super talented Edgar Wright directed this successful trilogy. The star cast of the film included Simon Peg and Nick Frost. The film was produced by “Nira Park, Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan,” and production companies include “StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Big Talk Productions, Relativity media.”

The trilogy comprises three films “Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.” The language used in the film is English. The films in the series are connected with a specific flavour of Cornetto, and so is the film named. It has also been aired on Netflix, and the audience often considers it to be the most amusing film ever watched.


The trilogy comprises three super successful and widely blockbuster hits- namely ” The Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “The World’s End.” The extreme former was released in the year 2004. In the film, Pegg has performed the character of Shawn, who is a man trying to successfully manage his life along with his girlfriend, stepfather, mother and some apocalyptic zombies. The film is around the genre of romantic zombie comedy that is rom- zom-com.

In the second film, Peg and Frost were showcased as police officers who are responsible for figuring out the reasons behind mysterious deaths. It was supposed to happen in a small English village where the former was an outsider and the latter. The two characters were seen purchasing some cornetto cones at some kind of store at a particular time, and here the story runs on. It was a cop action-comedy.

The last and the most stimulating of films was basically a science fabrication humor. It was released in the year 2013, and it revolves around a collection of friends who Pegg led. The group was making an effort and reattempting an epic pub crawl while an alien occupation happened in the home base.

Wholly the films entail of some marvelously exciting scenes which held the anticipation of the onlookers till the end, for example in the first film cornettos were used as a hangover cure. Ed once woke up all woozy and groggy after the whole night of drinking. It is incepted with a scene where Shaun purchases a cone for Ed since he woke up intoxicated. In the second film, the scrap of cornetto wrapper falls into the counter. It happened when Angel made her last purchase at the motorway service station. In the last film, the wrapper blew and got stuck in a wire fence.

All three films were super fruitfully executed, well-directed, amazingly scripted and superbly marketed. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wright said, that he found the idea of a science fiction film based on a savior getting hammered amusing. The film is a feel-good movie and entertained its audience throughout the series. The film was victorious in filling the hearts of his audience with positive emotions and hanging a smile between the cheeks.

Awards & Achievements

The “Trilogy Flavours Cornetto” is also popular by the name “Blood and Ice cream Trilogy” consists of some super talented people. The film is a blockbuster hit and has earned more than five times its production cost across the globe. It is appreciated and acclaimed widely by critics. The films have reached the heights of success in virtue of the hard work and dedication contributed by each member, part of the film.

Net Worth & Earnings of The Cornetto Trilogy in 2024

The Cornetto Trilogy Net Worth
The Cornetto Trilogy Net Worth

The cornetto Trilogy was a blockbuster hit. All three films were made on a budget of only $38 million. However, it has made more than $170 million grossly across the globe as of 2024. The film indeed has performed incredibly well financially. It was widely appreciated by the critics, audience and whatnot. The companies responsible for the production are- “StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Big Talk Productions and Relativity Media” and was distributed widely by Universal Pictures.

The trilogy is undoubtedly one of the most successful and entertaining trilogies ever existing in the history of films belonging to the genre of romance, zombie and comedy. The first film of the series became famous and successful, but the movie’s sequels were even more exciting and entertaining than the previous.

The theme and the storyline of the film bombed, and the audience was on the edge of the seat for the whole time watching the movie. The effect added to the movie cherished the acting and the performances of actors and actresses furthermore. The film was interesting, and the performance of the cast was breathtaking. At last, the film is indeed a well-desired film creating history and establishing a deep mark in the viewers’ minds.


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