The Fung Brothers
The Fung Brothers
Name: The Fung Brothers
Also known as: The Fung Brothers
Founded Year: 2012
Origin: Kent, Washington
Members: 2
Members Name: Andrew Fung and David Fung
Years Active: 2012-Present
Genres: Hip-Hop
Net Worth in 2024: $1 million
Last Updated: May 2024

The Fung Brothers are a pair of Andrew Fung and David Fung. They are famous YouTubers who used to show comical videos on their YouTube channel. Before doing stuff on YouTube there were popular as a stand-up comedian. They somehow believe that entertaining others is the job you will find and they are fascinated by the things they do. They are attracted to different cultures, food, music, and many other things.

The Fung Bros comedy and comic timing seems so real and pure and the way in which they present it all is just superb. They are popular among every age group and that’s the main reason for their success.

Well, how well do you know about The Fung Brothers? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about The Fung Brothers’ net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about The Fung Brothers to date.


The two brothers Andrew Fung and David Fung are the ones who created this group called as Fung Bros. Andrew Fung was born on 30th March 1988 whereas David was born on 1st September 1988. They both were born in Washington, United States so they both are American. They are still half Chinese and American.

They begin their studies at Kentwood High school, and they completed their graduation from the University of Washington. As every other parent, their parents expected them to be a Doctor or Lawyer or Engineer, but they have something else in their mind. Their family was not that rich or open-minded so for them to live a life of their own choice was going to be difficult. Soon they left Washington and shifted to Los Angeles in search of their dream.


The evolution of their career was started in 2015 when they released their first show “Broke Bites: What the Fung” which received massive admiration from around the world. In the show, they travel around the United States in search of mouth-watering foods. The show becomes a real hit back then.

They again come up with a show named “The Fung Brothers Mess with Texas” in which they travel every single street of Texas in search of foods and delicacies of each place. This show was a massive blockbuster as it was released on their YouTube channel, they have seen a surge in the no of subscribers.

They later tried their luck in music and came up with a rap video named “626” which again becomes a successful one. It was looking as if whatever they are touching becomes gold. Another famous and successful music video of theirs was the “Colima Road”.

Awards and Achievements

“What the Fung” is the show which is considered as the Fung Bros the biggest achievement. They created the show on their own and aired it on T.V with cable networks’ help. This show entertained a lot of peoples and created such an atmosphere of happiness which is truly remarkable.

Net Worth & Earnings of The Fung Brothers in 2024

The Fung Brothers Net Worth
The Fung Brothers Net Worth

The Fung Bros has earned a huge amount of stardom all by themselves. There was no godfather for them and even the family hasn’t helped them. As of 2024, their net worth is expected to be around $1 million. They earned a huge amount of money from YouTube streaming but the most valuable show of theirs was What the Fung which aired on T.V.

As for the conclusion, we can say that the Fung Bros are an inspiration for all those who ever dreamed of doing something different from the league. They always wanted to be someone different, and they have done what they dreamed of. His comedy is just too good and his content is for every generation.

Andrew and David who are the Fung Bros still have a long way to go in their life, and they can achieve anything that they want. On YouTube, they are a sensational figure, and they keep releasing music videos on YouTube and that became popular too. We as fans of the Fung Bros need to keep them motivated so that they can achieve even more milestones in their life.


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