United Airlines
United Airlines
Legal Name: United Airlines, Inc.
Headquarters Regions: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Founded Date: 6 April 1926
Founders: Walter Varney
Number of Employees: 95000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America And World
Products of Company: airline holding company
Net Worth in 2024: $45 Billion

People use different modes of transport over millions of years for trade, events, marriages, etc. The transportation method has faced so many improvements in recent years. Air transport history began with the famous and innovative “Wright Brothers.” This was the beginning, and hence ever since the day the new record began. Air transport has been catching high speed in terms of its growth. For the last 94 years, one of the leading airlines around the world is United Airlines.

The enterprise had successfully connected people worldwide and nation and is performing it with all its grace. United Airlines is the biggest airline and is running successfully high. They have significantly impacted the entire transport industry, especially airlines, and is trying hard to reach higher and higher.

Well, how well do you know about United Airlines? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about United Airlines’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about United Airlines to date.


Walter Varney founded the airline in 1926 and hence was previously known as Varney Airlines. VAL (Varley Air Lines), on the 6th of April, flew its fist airmail (privately). Later in the consecutive year, William Boeing formed Moving Air Transport and started operating airmail routes. Afterward, it collaborated with UTC (United Aircraft and Transport Corporation), and they purchased Pacific Air Transport, Stout Air Services, Varney Air Lines, and Nation Air Transport in the next 28 months. However, in the year 1931 finally, United Air Lines was formed by UTC.

In 2010 Continental Airlines further merged with United Airlines. By 2012 they started joining further such as they combine passenger service system, website, and frequent flier PGM. They escaped the Continental Brand altogether, leaving behind its logo. In 2017 June United Continental Holdings renamed United Airlines Holdings.


United Airlines, Inc works under the control of its parent company United Airlines Holdings, Inc, which is a Delaware Operation on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). It is worth nearly $21 billion(capitalization in the market), headquartered in Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. They have maintained a large presence in Houston and provides training facilities for flight crews in Denver and Houston in Sans Francisco.

Ever since the establishment, the company works hard toward its marketing. The initial slogan was –“The Main Line Airway,” which was later replaced to “Fly the Friendly skies” in 1965, which further changed to “Let’s Fly together” till 2010. The recent slogans didn’t achieve much-needed attention, so they finally returned to their initials.

The company had also invested hard in environmental strategies due to its nature (fuel emission). The company provided iPad to pilots, reduced papers, and saved further fuel and printing in the long term. In 2011, they initiated the use of microbially derived biofuel, again a massive step towards environmental sustainability. The company started modifying the overall structure of aircraft, trying hard to protect the environment.

The company has achieved a tremendous amount of success over the years. United Airlines is considered the third largest airline across the world concerning fleet size and route network. On average, the company runs around 238 domestic destinations along with nearly 118 international destinations. It also runs over 48 countries and across five continents.

Awards & Achievements

United Airlines has earned massive recognition across the world, and here is a gathering of a few notable awards by it.

In December 2020  Global Travel Readers announced United as a “Best Airline in The World”

United has received –“Green Hospitality Award-Gold level Certification,” “Best of the Best Award for Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Across All Communities,” “Favorite Frequent Flyer Program,” “Chicago O’Hare United Polaris Lounge,” “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality Award,” “Best Places to Work” in 2018.

United Airlines received the “Best Places to Work for LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender )Equality Award,” “Airlines of the year – IFSA(Indian Food Sharing Alliance),” “Oscar Munoz-Lifetime Leadership Award,” Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Award- Special Achievement Awards – Best Innovation- Best Friendly Airline in 2017.

United Airlines has further achieved:

  • Newsweek Green Ranking
  • Best Places to Work-Green Hospitality Award

United Airlines have earned a huge number of awards over the tenure and even receiving with each year passing by.

Net Worth & Earnings of United Airlines in 2024

United Airlines Net Worth
United Airlines Net Worth

It’s been a century now since United Airlines is around. Over the years, it has achieved a tremendous amount of success and fame. The company never fails to take new steps, and that has also paid itself a lot. It is high time now that they have been making a successful run. As of 2024, the net worth stands out to nearly $45 billion, and the figure will rise higher and higher.

United Airlines Inc is one of the leading airlines based in America, i.e., headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. It has a vast collection of both domestic and international flights across cities and almost all continents. It even provides its service to the smallest cities.  In terms of fleet size and several routes, United Airlines is one of the third largest airlines in the world. The enterprise had successfully connected people worldwide and nation and is performing it with all its grace.

Hence, United Airlines is the leading airline globally, making the most significant impact in the air transportation industry and achieved a lot. The past hand present had been promising with the airlines, and hence we expect the future to do it as well.


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