Bush Family
Bush Family

Bush family is one of the most amazing and popular families belonging to the American dynasty. It is well appreciated for their immense political alliances and millions of fortune. The company is establishing its magic ever since Prescott Sheldon Bush was chosen as a US Senator from Connecticut.

The family is limited to politics and has spread its wide wings to fields of sports, entertainment, banking, and finance. The proud family has patted their back twice for providing the country with two fine Presidents, a Vice president, governor, congressman, and the list runs on. The very prestigious family has initiated its ancestry since 1647, belonging to the board of Samuel Bush.

Well, how well do you know about Bush Family? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Bush Family’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Bush Family to date.


The Bush Family is an incredible American family that has spread its magic in the news, politics, sports, entertainment, and business industries. This aesthetic Family was established by Obadiah Bush and Harriet Smith in New York, New England, United States, and currently living in Texas.

The Family is more popular because of their involvement in politics and held several national and state offices passing over across four generations, which involves Jeb Bush (Governor), Prescott Bush (Senator), George H.W. Bush (Vice-President), and George W Bush (Governor). Other members include Joe Ellis, who is National Football League (NFL) executive, and two television personalities Billy Bush and Jenna Bush Hager.

According to the Bush Family biography, they are considered the most successful and strong political dynasty in the history of America. It also traces its European origin to the 17th century, with Samuel Bush becoming the first American ancestor in the year 1647.


Samuel Prescott son, of a proud minister, established the family’s fortune. He was popularly known as the Bush clan’s grand patriarch, and he was a railway and the Ohio steel executive. He worked hard to become a president of a countries third-largest steel couplers called Buckeye Steel Castings Corporation. Later he collaborated with Rockefellers and co-founded the U.S. chamber of commerce. His son wants to follow his ventures rather than joining his father’s business.

Later Prescott found selling hardware in St. Louis due to World War 1 and while working there, he met a beautiful lady Dorothy Walker and their union marked the establishment of Walker- Bush Lineage.

In the Mid-19th century, Dorothy’s grandfather David Davis Walker left his farmhouse in Maryland and headed towards St. Louis, Missouri. The family was extremely rich and had several achievements. Later they moved to New York, Bret’s daughter Dorothy made her beau choice that is Prescott Bush, and he found it amusing. Later Bret found a job for Bush, but he refused to break his family’s tradition.

Afterward, he is directing an investment bank, which was used to facilitate the transfer of gold, oil, steel, etc., across the world during the 2nd World War. Afterward, its assets were frozen under suspicion, but he was never found guilty and served as U.S. Senator from 1952 to 1963.

Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker have five lovely children. One of them elevated the family political business to its highest peak, and that is none other than George Herbert Walker Bush. On his 18th birthday, he was enlisted in the armed forces. After the War, he tied the holy knot with his high school girlfriend, Barbara Pierce.

He migrated to Texas with his family as he got a job in an Oil Equipment Company in Texas in which his father was a board member. He gradually became the president of the Oil Corporation.

In 1962, his father retired from the senate, and he took great interest in politics and got the opportunity to become chairman of the local Republican committee. After four years, he won a seat in the U.S. Congress. In 1989, he was the president of the U.S. His son George W Bush closely followed his footsteps. After 12 years, George w Bush took the oath as the 43rd president of the U.S.

And now the family had spread its branches in almost every field and is achieving all the success.

Awards & Achievements

The family has been endowed with hefty awards over the years for their immense service to better the nation. They have been rewarded with the Time Person of the Year title thrice, Silver Buffalo Award twice. Also, five like statuses are constructed in honor of them.

The most prestigious and precious award-the President Medal of freedom has been bestowed to George H.W Bush. He was also rewarded with Purple Heart, President Unit Citation, and Flying Cross for his military service. He has also been credited with 3 Air medals.

He was also acknowledged as a supercarrier entitled in 2009 after the ex-president and commissioned. The list of honorable awards goes on.

Net Worth & Earnings of Bush Family in 2024

Bush Family Net Worth
Bush Family Net Worth

As of 2024, The family is well cherished for their wealth of $500 million, which is no less than a treasure. The family has collected their hefty bank balance by their immense contacts in businesses and banks over the long decades. Their net wealth is hugely accumulated from their political involvement. Their wide political alliances have joined the dots to business, entertainment, sports, etc.

The Bush family is well known for their contributions to politics since the 17th century through their true hardships and positive efforts. They are seen as responsible for the establishment of foundation stones of the US. The family has a very long yet prestigious history that never misses wooing the known.


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