Before starting a business, some factors are needed to be put in place to be sure of success. Of course no body starts a business to have it fail. The starting of a business is what it is termed as entrepreneurship. The necessary factors to consider is such as, capital, the target market, location and so many more. This is very necessary in order to have a business that picks. This as well applies when it comes to the famous company by the name Dartdrones.

To get more into details this a company that was started to facilitate training of drones pilot. It was not an easy decision relating to the fact that it was not well recognized and there had no idea of how it’ll progress. Abby Speicher being the CEO of the company decide to start it because of the love she had for drone flying. She therefore wanted to start the drone flying classes but realized there were no places to get educated on this. Immediately she saw this as a market gap that she decide to capture and utilize. That is where the Dartdrone Flying Company began.

Well, how well do you know about Dartdrones? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Dartdrones’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Dartdrones to date.


It was all started by Abby who happens to be the CEO of the Dartdrone Company. She got the inspiration of starting the company after having an urge to know how to fly the drone when she realized there were no organizations offering the necessary learning facilities or anything related to drone flying. She therefore decided to start the Dartdrone Company.

However before it all started , Abby did not have the necessary funds to start the company as it needed a lot which she did not have. That did not stop her from doing what she wanted and she therefore asked for some financial help from another large company known as Shark Tank.

We clearly know the drill when it comes to the large company. She was lucky enough to be accepted in shark tank. During the pitch and they offered her 300,000 USD that was from the Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban who  owns Dallas Mavericks.  In exchange, he would have a 10% stake from her company. As soon as she had the necessary capital Abby hired one of the best Dartdrones Trainor by the name Amelia Owre who happens to be well recognized for his position in the US as a navy aviator.

At the moment, the company has been a success story as they’ve hired 40 professional instructors, aviators and not forgetting the 11 fulltime instructors. The institution also offers legitimate training to all sorts of people from professional photographers, police officers, firefighters to seasoned pilots and many more.


According to research and all the information we have regarding the company, we can say that it fairly doing very well. They have grown very much offering the training classes from different platforms that is on sites and online as well for everyone who might be interested. Contributing to the many learners they have, are the fairly low rates they offer for the beginners that is as low as 20 USD that is an online class.

Venturing more into the business world we see that the drone company has been benefitting a lot relating to the fact that currently many business have started to incorporate the drones. This has greatly created a large market for the drone company. We see that most business use drones to gather up data making the company shift from teaching people for fun but rather for crucial matters such as in government offices to which is said to bring high profits as compared to teaching parents or kids for fun.

Awards and Achievements

It has been a success for Abby’s business. She has achieved a lot as far as her business is concerned. Being the first Drone Company in the United States, it is as well recognized for being one of the most outstanding and top tier drone flight training company. This is a big achievement looking back to the fact that Abby did not have enough funds to start her business.

Currently, the company has got an opportunity to offer the high-quality education as far as drone flying is concerned to more than 9000 students. Due to the good and quality education they offer, we see that it has been receiving good reviews which is a plus. The company has not yet received any award however we are all looking up to that as it is worth it.

Net Worth & Earnings of Dartdrones in 2024

Dartdrones Net Worth
Dartdrones Net Worth

Being the first drone flight school, to add on the biggest drone training school with all the exposure and opportunities they have gotten it safe to say that the company has generated more than what was expected from the start. The Drone Company works from one field to another as they offer different reasons for the training. This could be for fun or business-related factors and with that the company gets an impressive income. Its net worth is therefore estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Drone Company did not have the easiest time to get to where they are now. However, hard work, persistence, and discipline it has contributed to the good results. Abby has opened the minds for many people relating to the fact that it all started from a simple business idea the CEO had back then College. It has now grown to be one of the big things in the United States.


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