FGTeeV Family
FGTeeV Family

Family Gaming Team, Funnel Vision, The Skylander Boy and Girl, Max and Midnight, Brick and Betty is shortened as FGTeeV. It is a popular channel that is all inclined towards family-friendly video games mainly targeted towards children. The channel is beautifully decorated with 13.2 million subscribers and has achieved the benchmark of 13 billion video views as of the second month of 2020.

They have given reference to the Lord Christ multiple times on their YouTube channel, which clearly indicates them being Christian. The channel, over the years, has created a wide range of videos that theatres and revolves around the concept of gameplay, reviews, travel, toys, challenges, and so much more. The kind of content that the channel specialises in is overwhelming at the same time also overlapping.

FGTeeV Duddy is one of the aliases of the American YouTuber who is christened as Vincent Carter. Vincent is wholly responsible for creating family-oriented YouTube channels like FGTeeV Family, The Skylander Boy and Girl, FV Family, DohMuchFun and FUNnel Vision.

Well, how well do you know about FGTeeV Family? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about FGTeeV Family’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about FGTeeV Family to date.


The FGTeeV Family is a socially popular and talented family that is ruling several hearts with their incredible videos on the YouTube video streaming platform. The man appears on several channels along with his four beautiful children, christened as Michael, Shawn, Alexis, Chase, and his beloved wife, Samantha. All these channels on the video streaming platform- YouTube explores a wide range of content, including reviews, gameplay, music, challenges, toys, travelogues, and much more.

Sometimes, the type of content that these channels bring up overlap. The most popular and successful channel of the amazing family is entitled “FGTeeV,” which has around 13 million active subs, and the rest of them have around 21 million subs combined. Vincent is immensely fascinated by music, animation, and adventure, which can be proved through his YouTube videos. Vincent is also one of the most amazing and coolest fathers in and off camera who loves to spend the whole day doing fun activities with his beloved kids.


In the year 2006, Vincent created his first-ever YouTube channel, which was entitled “FUNnel Vision.” This channel was established after the birth of his beloved daughter called Lexi (Alexis). The name of the channel was derived from the family’s motto, which is “Fun ‘Ol Day.” The channel was initially started with some vlogs and eventually included all the fun activities involving the whole family.

The first video on the channel was posted on the 25th of August in the year 2007, in which his one-year-old daughter was featured, and the name of the video was “Baby Eating Salt and Vinegar Chips! First Time Trying & Eating Reaction!”. During the first year of the channel, he rarely posted videos on the channel, and the frequency was very low, as one video per year.

He became a regular user on YouTube in the year 2009. In the year 2011, he posted a video entitled ” If Kids Were In-charge!” which features his daughter (Alexis) and his son (Mike). This video became the channel’s most famous video of that time. He created another YouTube channel after the birth of his second son called Chase.

The channel was entitled “The SkylanderBoyAndGirl,” which was specifically dedicated to his beautiful son Mike and beloved daughter Alexis. Later in, both Alexis and Mike got famous as Skylander Girl and Skylander Boy, respectively.

Gradually, the couple named Vincent and Samantha became popular as Skylander Dad and Skylander Mom from their YouTube channel. The whole family got popular eventually as Skylander Family. Later on, the channel named “FUNnel Vision” became one of the most popular and best family vlogging channels on video streaming platforms with almost 6.6 million subs.

The other channel under the name “The skylanderGirlAndBoy” reached over 2.46 million subs. Afterward, Vincent established more channels like”FGTeeV,” which is their most successful channel of all time, having 13 million active subscribers; FV Family, which has around 4.9 million subscribers; and DohMuchFun, which has 1.2 million subscribers.


As we all know, there are multiple channels on YouTube, and YouTube has never failed to award the best. Vincent with his family have also exploited YouTube to expand their carriers and create multiple challenges; however, their main channel was only once nominated for nine Shorty Awards in the category of games. Apart from that, there are no significant recognitions, awards credentials that the company has ever received. Their channel is growing undoubtedly at a quicker pace. It will surely attain some good awards in the future.

Net Worth & Earnings of FGTeeV Family in 2024

FGTeeV Family Net Worth
FGTeeV Family Net Worth

This YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of $50 Million as of 2024. The channel has around 13 million total views. FGTeeV Vincent and his family run the channel. Their family people posts videos on channel concerned with gaming videos. They play games along with their subscribers. Their subscribers love to exchange hours with them, and is growing quite rapidly in the recent years.

FGTeeV, a well-heard channel which is quite popular for their gaming tactics. The creators and handlers of the channel have explored themselves vividly and never fails to fill the platter of their audience with their spices of humor and enjoyment. The family has been recognized with lots of love and appreciation from their audience. Many best wishes to the entertainer family for their future endeavors and success. The family’s channel is incredibly amazing, which is mainly filled with family-friendly content. They love to cater to children relates to stuff.


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