Flip Or Flop
Flip Or Flop

Flip or Flop is a television series that habitually airs on HGTV, standing for-Home and Garden Television, handling real estate issues. The show was debuted in 2013. This TV program is hosted by two hosts-(male) Tarek El Moussa and (female) Christine El Moussa. The twosome made a handsome couple for a long tenure before their unpredicted divorce.

However, the couple still works on the show peacefully. The eight long seasons of the show have been earning enormous civic consideration and hence are working well. It is also thoughtful to guess that both parties have a predictable fortune of $5 Million where they deal with the process of refining the worth of real estate and property.

Well, how well do you know about Flip or Flop? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Flip or Flop’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Flip or Flop to date.


Flip and Flop is a popular and well-cherished television series that deals with real estate and launched in 2013 and hosted by Tarek El Moussa and Christine Anstead. The show was aired on the channel HGTV (Home and Garden Television). Tarek El Moussa and Christine Anstead were formerly married couples having their roots in California. Christina was primarily an expert in design and worked with Tarek to find and renovate houses. She handles the formats of new spaces amazingly and keeps her work on schedule.

Tarek El Moussa and Christine Anstead were the owners of a real estate agency called “The El Moussa Group” in Orange County. After their separation, the group was dissolved and currently handled by Tarek and his associates. The show was based on real estate and how to improve the value of the property.


Tarek and Christine met in the year 2007, and both of them mutually agreed to be business partners and started a real estate company. Their prospect continued to rise when they signed a deal with HGTV. They bought lost value estate value property, renovated it, and moved forward to resell it with a profit value. In the Real Estate business, they both showed dos and don’ts in this business. Christine was a vital person behind all the designs and helped to keep all designs within time as well.

Later in the year 2011, Tarek shot a video with the help of one of his good friends mainly to test waters on HGTV. They recorded the process of house selling from the start to the end. Once they were done shooting with this video, they sent it to HGTV headquarters, and when they got the video, they were highly impressed with their new and fresh idea that would help them attract huge viewers.

That made the creators approach the couple for hosting the “Flip and Flop” television series and signed the contract in the year 2012 and later in the year 2013, the show was launched and aired on HGTV. The show’s main focus was buying properties that had lost their original values and renovated them to increase the value of the property.

The hosts of the amazing show did a fantastic job and gained a tremendous amount of followers. Both the hosts Tarek and Christine were licensed as real estate dealers, and the show more famous. The couple has successfully hosted the seven great seasons of the show, and despite their legal separation, they both agreed to host the show.

The “Flip and Flop” show of HGTV has been a great victory and ruled and entertained millions of hearts. Undoubtedly, this show has been a great success journey and managed to produce several successful home renovation shows. The “Flip and Flop” series has successfully managed to show a lot of drama, intrigue, and the roller coaster journey of flipping houses. Both of the hosts were fortunate and privileged enough to earn a lot of wealth from their pure hard work and dedication. The lessons of smartness, growth, and intelligence can be learned from the show.

The show has completed its nine seasons in the year 2020, and its tenth season will be air in 2021.

Awards & Achievements

The show-Flip or Flop has been an international hit which has been fruitfully able to enlighten people across the nation to pact with real estate renovators. This show has been able to inspire many people across the globe to trade their property profitably and minimize losses. This is one of the biggest achievements for any showrunners; however, despite being so good and humble at their performances, they have not been yet recognized with proper decoration.

Net Worth & Earnings of Flip or Flop in 2024

Flip Or Flop Net Worth
Flip Or Flop Net Worth

As of 2024, Christine and Tarek, Flip or Flop hosts, run a successful show with an estimated accumulated net worth of $10 Million, distributing $5 million for each. They earn mainly through their play. Their wealth is also collected from their real estate company and further being regularly invited to multiple conferences about Real Estate management and sale.

Christine and Tarek, the lovely twosome, although failed in marriage but are still fruitful real estate dealers. The couple is also a co-parent of their three kids. They have showcased multiple reasons for their legal split, comprising their unhand-able rising fame and health issues. The show-Flip or Flop was an international blockbuster that rose to high fame and world-wide popularity. The couple has been performing outstandingly and is wished to work in future together.


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