Hop Along
Hop Along
Band Name: Hop Along
Also known as: Hop Along
Founded Year: 2005
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Members: 4
Members Name: Frances Quinlan, Tyler Long, Mark Quinlan, and Joe Reinhart
Years Active: 2005–present
Genres: Rock band
Net Worth in 2024: $2 Million (Est.)
Last Updated: July 2024

Hop Along is a famous American indie rock band. The band is having its soil from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was formed in the year 2005. The band was formerly called Hop Along, Queen Ansleis. The team consists of some incredible and most talented members, including vocalist-Frances Quinlan, Bassist-Tyler Long, Drummer-Mark Quinlan, and Guitarist-Joe Reinhart. Mark and Frances are siblings, and the family they formed through the band is a powerful bond.

Well, how well do you know about Hop Along? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Hop Along’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Hop Along to date.


Hop Along is a famous, experienced, talented, and well-cherished band of four charming personalities who rules millions of hearts with their mesmerizing vocal and instrumental skills. The band has a total of four members who make incredible music for the audience. The famous American band is better known worldwide for their insane talent in genres like indie rock, folk-rock, power pop, acoustic rock, and pop-punk.

All the members are immensely talented and have an incredible personality which attracts lots of attention from the lovely fans who love and support them unconditionally. The band is very hardworking and consists of skilled members who are well aware of all the skills and techniques of music. The band has worked with different labels such as Hot Green, Big Scary, Saddle Creek, Salinas, and Monsters.


The famous American band: Hop Along was started as an acoustic freak-folk solo project called Hop Along, Queen Ansleis in 2004. During this year, the band – Frances Quinlan, was in his senior year in high school. Soon in the summer of 2005, Francis released their first album under the name freshman Year.

For several years, Frances performed an acoustic solo act. He thought that the band carries more energy than a single person. At that time, he was playing by himself, and it was all just out of necessity.

Finally, after three years, Mark (Frances’s brother) joined the band as a drummer, followed by Tyler Long as Bassist in the year 2009. In light of the new creation, the band’s name was shortened to show the change of solo to full band.

In the year 2009, the band went on to release their EP under the name Wretches. Later, the group released their 2nd album entitled Get Disowned on the 5th of May in the year 2012. This album helped them to gain positive responses from the audience, music press, and critics. Later, Frances stated that the band wished to have the album produced by a known person as opposed to a stranger.

Afterward, the band reached to Joe Reinhart of Algernon Cadwallader, who Frances had met via the basement show scene in Philadelphia to produce the band’s albums. Later, Reinhart joined the band as a lead guitarist.

In the winter of 2014, the band got signed to an indie rock label called Saddle Creek Records, which helped the band release their third full-length album entitled Painted Shut on the 4th of May in 2015.

On the 22nd of January in 2018, the title and song list of their fourth album was released. The first song called How Simple of the album appeared on streaming sites the next day after a postcard vinyl was sent in the e-mail. On the 6th of April in 2018, the band released the ninth song entitled Bark Your Head Off, Dog of the album. This album was recorded by the guitarist Joe Reinhart and Kyle Pulley at Headroom Studios.


Hop Along is one of the most famous indie rock bands having its origin from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. In 2015, the band was awarded in the category Favorite Indie Pop, and Indie Rock Albums for their album called Painted Shut. The band’s second studio album entitled Painted Shut was included in various high-profile year-end lists such as Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2015, Billboard rock chart, and Heatseekers chart.

The band is undoubtedly is one of the most influential and incredible bands in the history of the American music industry. However, there aren’t many records of their numerous recognitions and noble achievements apart from all this. Nevertheless, they will definitely win something much bigger and better in the upcoming years.

Net Worth & Earnings of Hop Along in 2024

Hop Along Net Worth
Hop Along Net Worth

Hop Along has never officially announced or disclosed something regarding their overall wealth. Hence there is no confirmed information available about the band’s net worth, but the estimated earnings could be somewhat around $2 million as of 2024. However, looking at their popularity and general trade of their albums, the band can be considered wealthy.

The band has released many commercially successful albums and EP’s, which has helped them garner a hefty wealth. However, the net worth of the band cannot be ascertained presently as it is still under observation and review. The band has also done several tours and organized concerts in various locations across the United States of America, increasing their wealth by a significant amount.

Currently, there are several hip-hop stars creating waves in the American entertainment industry, and there are also some indie rock bands and rock musicians that have become the center of the music world. One of such indie rock bands, which is a prevalent musical group in the world, is Hop Along. The band has not only impacted the alternative rock music genre but has equally done a fabulous job in the genre of acoustic and fold rock music.

The popular and creative band is popularly known for its incredible and captivating music style. The band is amazingly serving people incredibly with their insane performances and is developing excellent rock and indie music, which not only help them to gain massive wealth but also helped them to gain a massive fan following.


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