Legal Name: International Business Machines Corporation
Headquarters Regions: Armonk, New York, United States
Founded Date: 16 June 1911
Founders: Charles Ranlett Flint
Number of Employees: 360000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: technology company
Net Worth in 2024: $125 Billion

IBM is an acronym for International Business Machines. IBM is a company that has specialized in information technology. The company is based in America but has a presence in several countries across the globe. The headquarters for IBM is located in the State of New York in Armonk. Currently, IBM ranks among the best computer across the globe.

Initially, IBM started operating under the name Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. The overall success of IBM can be attributed to teamwork, where the company merged with other innovative companies to achieve a common goal. Despite IBM starting with a few employees, the company’s growth has made IBM among the top global employers. In fact, IBM is operated in 170 different countries in the world.

It was in the 1880s when the foundations of the current IBM were developed, including the development of various critical innovations ever made. In 2011, IBM gained global popularity for Artificial Intelligent products. In fact, IBM’s products have made human life much easier, including the use of ATMs, transcribing, machine reprogramming itself to meet user’s needs, determination of trends, and a procession of the text of the spoken speech, among others.

Furthermore, IBM products and services have been designed to meet various applications ranging from mobile use, computer use, domestic, or commercial purposes. In addition, IBM has a good reputation globally for taking care of its employees and being among the best companies that have embraced diversity with a global presence.

Currently, the top IBM shareholders include State Street Corp, Vanguard Group Inc, James Whitehurst, BlsckRock Inc., James Kavanaugh, and Arvind Krishna. The good leadership and management team can be attributed to the overall success of IBM.

Well, how well do you know about IBM? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about IBM’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about IBM to date.


In 1911 when IBM was founded in Endicott, New York. The initial name of IBM was Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR). However, in 1924 CTR name was changed to International Business Machines (IBM). However, IBM began its core computing business in the 1880s. In order to own the right to engage in computing, Julius E. Pitrap patented the company to computing scale in 1885. The 5 biggest innovative companies merged and together and had at least 1300 employees working in several offices across the USA

It was in 1964 that IBM made its headquarters in Armonk, New York City. To expand its international market dominance, IBM World Trade operations was created by Thomas Watson Sr. in 1949. In 2005, IBM sold its computer technology to Lenovo, a Chinese Company. In 2009, IBM acquired SPSS Inc., a company that specializes in developing software.

Through its various inventions, IBM is among the top global companies with the highest number of employees across the globe. Besides, the innovations have significantly solved various human problems and have won the company many awards both locally and at the international level


The first dial recorder by IBM was developed in 1888. From 1860 to 1929, several innovations were discovered under a merger. A timer for recording arrival and departure time for staff was invented, and a dial recorder was also invented. Also, sale and lease the manufacturing machine, tabulators, punch cards, and slicers were invented.

In 1937, US Government was able to process bulk data using the IBM’s tabulating equipment, including tracking of employment records, process Social Security data, and keep track of persecuted minorities. Thanks to IBM inventions, the government was able to collect 81% more revenue from 1935 to 1939. Later, IBM invented the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator during World War II. Vacuum tube computers developed for commercial purposes took place in 1952.

In 1956, IBM designed the hard disk drive with the sole purpose of storing computer data. Artificial Intelligence through IBM innovations was evident in 1956. FORTRAN programming language was developed in 1957. The first airline reservation program developed by IBM was done in 1961.

Further, the NASA team was assisted by the intelligent machines of IBM in 1963, and astronauts flights were a success, including the Gemini flights, Lunar Mission, and the Saturn flights. The first computer system was launched in 1964, after which several applications, computer operating systems, CICS transaction processing monitors, magnetic strip cards, financial swaps, printers, and Universal Product Code, were developed.

Currently, IBM has concentrated on cloud computing and products aimed at enhancing consulting services.

Awards & Achievements

Just to list a few, IBM has won

  • .At least five Nobel Prizes
  • Five National Medals of Science, USA
  • Ten National Medals of Technology, USA
  • Six Turing Awards
  • Artificial intelligence awards the ‘National Medal of Technology and Innovation’ by President Barack Obama
  • Multinational Enterprise Silver Award in 2019 by Randstad Employer Brand Survey
  • Edison Achievement Award in 2019
  • Best Employers Award in 2019 by China Government
  • Best Diversity Employer Award in 2019

Net Worth & Earnings of IBM in 2024

IBM Net Worth
IBM Net Worth

As of 2024, IBM’s net worth is about $125 billion. Diversification of the business through innovations and great service delivery has significantly boosted the company’s net worth. The inventions range from software to hardware product that has made human life easier not only on Earth but also in space. In fact, IBM’s innovation has significantly enhanced the study of space and its elements.

Despite its innovations dating several decades ago, the products are evergreen and are still usable in modern society despite a few of the inventions receiving some modifications to enhance functionality. However, in terms of generalizability, the main streams of income for IBM include Systems, Cloud and Cognitive Software, Global Financing, Global Business Services, and Global Technology Services.

IBM is an outstanding company in the field of computing. The company has made remarkable innovations that have had a significant impact on the betterment of human life. In fact, IBM features as the best Artificial Intelligence service provider on the planet.  IBM not only prides in top innovations in the globe but also features among the best employer worldwide.

The diversification of IBM’s services and products has significantly contributed to the gradual increment of the company’s net worth. IBM’s success can be attributed to good leadership and management skills that have helped keep the company on its toes to achieving great success.


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