Linkin Park
Linkin Park
Band Name: Linkin Park
Also known as: Linkin Park
Founded Year: 1996
Origin: Agoura Hills, California, United States
Members: 9
Members Name: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Dave Farrell, Mark Wakefield, Brad Delson, Scott Koziol, Kyle Christner
Years Active: 1996–present
Genres: Rock band
Net Worth in 2024: $330 Million
Last Updated: July 2024

Linkin Park is an American rock band that hails from California that is popular and prominent. In 1996, Linkin Park was founded, and in 2000 their debut album titled “Hybrid Theory” was released. The album was an immediate success and labeled Diamond hit as well as multi-platinum hit in many countries.

The band is renowned for the incredible convergence between the genre of rap-metal and nu-metal. Linkin Park is among the best-selling recording acts and has been able to sell over 70 million albums worldwide. Lp has been called the sixth-best band in the music video period by MTV.

Well, how well do you know about Linkin Park? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Linkin Park’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Linkin Park to date.


Three high school mates, Rob Bourdon, Mike Shinoda, and Brad Delson, established Linkin Park. They all attended California’s based Agoura High School. They recruited Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell, and Mark Wakefield after graduation and formed their band, Xero. Wakefield and Farrell quit the band after years of fighting and anger. In 1999, Warner Brothers were able to sign a contract with Linkin Park, and Lp released their landmark Hybrid Theory album the next year.

Members of Linkin Park include Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda (A founding member), and Rob Bourdon. The lead vocalist is Mike Shinoda, who is also a rhythm guitarist as well as a keyboard musician. The lead guitarist is Brad Delson and serves as the backup vocalist, and the drummer is Rob Bourdon. Other members include synthesizer Joe Hahn and bass artist Dave Farrell.

Xero enlisted Chester Bennington, who is a vocalist based in Arizona,  who was recommended by Jeff Blue, Zomba Music VP, in March 1999, in the aftermath of spending unique resources looking for Wakefield’s replacement. Bennington, a post-grunge group by the title of Gray Daze some time back, became a champion among the contestants because of the versatility of his style of singing.

At that point, the band decided to change its name from Xero to Hybrid Theory; Shinoda and Bennington’s infant vocal science renewed the band, causing them to take a shot at some fresh stuff.


In October 2000, Linkin Park released Hybrid Theory, their first album. The album was a compilation of the previous 5 years of their career. The album became an immediate success, and in year one, it sold about 5 million copies. Lp did several concerts since becoming a commercial hit and performed with several known musicians.

To date, three live albums, seven studio albums, two remixes, three soundtrack albums, and a compilation album have been released by Linkin Park. Lp has 10 extended plays, 12 video albums, 20 promotional singles, 35 singles, and 66 music videos in addition to that.

The successful Meteora in the year 2003, A Thousand Suns, Minutes to Midnight 2007, Living Things, as well as the Hunting Party followed after the release of Hybrid Theory in 2000 by Lp. In 2017, their new release was titled One More Light, the last recording made before Chester Bennington’s demise who was the lead vocalist.

Paul McCartney joined them in front of a live audience, who featured stanzas from ‘Yesterday.’ They would then continue to perform at the 2006 Summer Sonic event, which was facilitated in Japan by Metallica.

Awards & Achievements

Linkin Park’s list of awards and nominations is almost infinite. The American rock band has received nominations for 197 various award categories so far and won 69 big awards. To begin with, for Best Hard Rock performance as well as best Rap/sung performance, Lp won the coveted Grammy Awards two times. Furthermore, they have received Grammy Awards nominations six times. In addition to these, Linkin Park won the Billboard Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, MTV awards, and many more.

Net Worth & Earnings of Linkin Park in 2024

Linkin Park Net Worth
Linkin Park Net Worth

With Warner Brothers, both of Lp’s members have a bumper deal. As of 2024, Linkin Park has been successful as a band, and it’s estimated net worth is about $330 million. The late Chester Bennington valuation is $30 million. He died in July 2017. Dave Farrell is estimated to be worth $205 million, Mike Shinoda’s net worth is $23 million, Brad Delson’s net worth is $25 million, Joe Hahn’s net worth is $25 million, and Rob Bourdon’s net worth is $20 million. Linkin Park has been involved in Earthquake and Tsunami charity concerts to give back to the society.

Linkin Park was founded in the year 1996, but after five years of struggle, they made a breakthrough. After disagreeing with the band’s vision, most of their members would quit the band. Though, the founding members had every bit of faith in themselves and believed they were going to release songs that would pave the way for their success. For an inspirational story of music, the story of Linkin Park is what one can pursue. Lp is a kids’ roaring success from secondary school to being one of the new era’s most popular bands.


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