My Pillow
My Pillow
Legal Name: My Pillow, Inc.
Headquarters Regions: Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States
Founded Date: 2004
Founders: Michael J. Lindell
Number of Employees: 1600+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: pillow manufacturing company
Net Worth in 2024: $500 Million

My pillow is a pillow making company that was founded under the guidance of Mike Lindell. This company originated in a place called Chaska, a place in Minnesota from the United States. This is all about how the company developed and how it claims to be the best pillow-making company.

Well, how well do you know about My Pillow? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about My Pillow’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about My Pillow to date.


Mike J Lindell, the founder of the company had faced many problems when he started the company. Mike J Lindell had four bars of his own that he had sell for the company because of his financial crisis, which later led Mike J Lindell to debt his own house to better the company. At first, Mike J Lindell had to sew the pillow with his hand, and his family members joined his hand.


When Mike J Lindell made his first pillow, he then sold his first piece to the kiosk in 2006. Then they had to sell their pillow to a mall called Eden Prairie, which is located in the prairie. Mike J Lindell had even faced his problem there as he went up to sell there.

When the company came across its first and foremost success, it had to face many ups and downs. They had to pay up to five hundred thousand dollars to shoot an advertisement for thirty-minute commercial videos accompanied with life along with the audience.

Because of the advertisement and amount they paid led him to broadcast the ad for over two hundred times in a day and the company thereby made up a profit of and their turnover increased to thirty million dollars. Because of this enormous success, the company then had to increase its work labour from fifty members to fifteen hundred people.

The pillows that Mike J Lindell made up to a Guinness book record for the fact that the pillows that Mike J Lindell made along with the company were the best and most challenging pillows in the whole world and proved this was making a massive round of a pillow fight. Not only that, Mike J Lindell made use of the baseball team game and thereby made up the viewers to 6261, and the company used 4201 players in the game for their fight. Their initial motto was to increase the productivity and advertisement of the company, which they were able to boost anyway, though.

When the company’s progress was progressing rapidly, then the company had to face many judiciary cases by the court as many courts and law made an allegation on them that they had undergone many misleading people with their advertisements.

After that, the company had to face a considerable loss and tried to rectify its mistakes, and then again then they had to undergo a substantial amount of loss for their advertisements. The company then focused on many aspects of their company to outcome their failures. It thereby made many things to increase their productivity, like mattresses and many beds for the animals.


Mike J Lindell, along with the company, had to undergo many ups and downs but at last, managed to gain immense popularity and fame because of their company. At first, the company achieved the Guinness book record because of its popularity. The company managed to increase its productivity by advertising and showing many players in the field of a pillow fight.

Back then, it was in the year 2013 the company than many awards and achievements in the year 2013. The company then received many prizes, one of them is the QVC award; this award is one of the best products as the company has the best concept in that particular year.

It was all because of the work of Mike J Lindell and along with the ideas of the members of the company that he company received a huge success. Mike J Lindell is still working on the productivity and best outcomes that he came to make in the market, and Mike J Lindell is still working on increasing the company’s productivity.

Net Worth & Earnings of My Pillow in 2024

My Pillow Net Worth
My Pillow Net Worth

Mike J Lindell, along with the company, managed to gain a considerable amount of money for the company’s betterment. $500 is the net worth of My Pillow as of 2024. It seems that Mike J Lindell managed to win the hearts of people with their better products and by their top products that the company is making in the market. Mike J Lindell claims that the pillows and bed products that the company is making are one of the best products for the increment in the company. Thereby claiming to be one the best pillows in the whole world.

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Mike J Lindell claims that his pillows are the best pillows in the whole world.

Mike J Lindell made up a concept of massive pillow fight among many baseball players to prove that his pillows can sustain any attacks and jerks that the user can provide.

Mike J Lindell’s production had been increased to a considerable turnover where he had to increase his production team from fifty members to fifteen hundred members.

Mike J Lindell had to face a significant amount of loss for the advertisement and also for the losses that the company had to face for the petition that the company was misleading the viewers of their promotion.

Everyone faces many ups and downs in their one’s own life, but the main thing is that brave is he who meets them and then tries to work on their problems and thereby they can increase their sold outcome. Mike J Lindell is one of the best examples of that as he faced many past difficulties.

Still, he has rectified them, and he is thereby working on his potential to increase his productivity and thereby also claiming to be the best pillow makers in the world and helping people for the betterment of their sleep. He is vibrant not only by his actions but also by heart as he leaves a mark over the youth and other generations. Everyone has to learn many things from him and follow the path of success and motivating others.


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