Started in 2007 in Montreal, Canada, Pornhub has grown to be a renowned pornographic video sharing website with a huge number of visitors every minute. The company’s offices have a presence in Houston, London, New Orleans as well as in San Francisco. MindGeek, who is also an owner of several other pornographic sites, bought Pornhum in March 2010 after three years of operation.

The huge success of Pornhub has made it be one of the top porn sites in the world, boasting 1 million daily visitors in its inception year. With a myriad of products for its customers, the pornographic website also has virtual reality porn. Every year, the company hosts Pornhub Awards to award different people.

Well, how well do you know about Pornhub? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Pornhub’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Pornhub to date.


Pornhub was formed on May 25, 2007, by the website developer Matt Keezer. The pornographic video sharing website was started under the company, Interhub. After three years of operation, Matt sold his conglomerate MindGeek to Manwin. Under its umbrella, MindGeek boasts of many other pornographic websites, with the inclusion of YouPorn Redtube among many other porn sites.

Different visitors at Pornhub have the pleasure of viewing various pornographic videos in different categories. Additionally, the visitors can easily share the videos on social media in addition to liking or disliking the videos.

Within site, one registers voluntarily. Additionally, for one to comment, download, upload videos, as well as add video’s to the favorite section, they must have registered an account on the website. Uploading content on the site is regulated by Pornhub’s terms of service. Failure to adhere to the different rules and regulations at Pornhub leads to your videos being flagged out.


Since its inception, the pornographic video sharing platform has undergone various phases in its life. The website was launched in October 2013 to create Visitor’s personalized video playlists. This worked towards ensuring the meeting of different preferences of different visitors. Thus a visitor is able to choose videos with regard to their location, time of the day in addition to other preferences.

Further on, the company launched a computer vision AI in 2017 that helps in identifying and tagging different videos on the website indicating the different information of the performers as well as the sex act itself. This is to give the visitors more options while they watch their favorite videos within the site.

The virtual reality videos are also available on the website and mainly available for premium customers only. VPNHub, which is a VPN available in the United States, is also a product of Pornhub that was launched in May 2018. The VPN is also available in many other countries apart from the United States.

Through the proceeds of the website, Pornhub has initiated different events and campaigns that have been geared towards making people aware of breast cancer. This has gone a long way in ensuring that the public is aware of the different remedies and actions that one can take to ensure that they stay safe and healthy.

Since 2018, Porhub has ventured into awarding different people. The annual Pornhub Awards have been regularly hosted since then. On the other hand, the pornographic video sharing platform has also been featured in several scenes of the romantic comedy film named Don Jon that was acted in 2013 whereas starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as Scarlett Johansson.

Through its various activities, Pornhub has had criticism due to hosting non-consensual pornography. This has been a key claim that has led to the site being banned in different countries. Some of the countries that have banned Pornhub in their jurisdictions include India as well as the Philippines.

Awards & Achievements

Pornhub has received a lot of awards over its lifetime. The different awards the pornographic video sharing website has received reaching 1 million daily visits within the year of its inception. In 2008, ranked the mobile site of Pornhub as one of the most visited sites in 2008. Presently, Pornhub boasts of a subscription of over 23 million users since its inception.

Net Worth & Earnings of Pornhub in 2024

Pornhub Net Worth
Pornhub Net Worth

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Pornhub stands at $2 billion. All its wealth has been from all the products they sell online. While there is a free subscription to visitors, there also is a premium subscription to customers; thus, they can enjoy more content, for instance, virtual reality porn.

Since inception, Pornhub a pornographic video sharing platform has grown to be one of the world’s most sort after website for its variety in the different videos available meeting various customer preferences. Boasting over 23 million registered users, the website has seen increased visits to the tune of 1 million visits each day. Customers enjoy good features, including the Virtual sex videos available for premium users. As the site grows, it continues to be a host for many videos and films that are a love for many users.


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