Legal Name: SCOTTeVEST 
Headquarters Regions: Ketchum, Idaho, United States
Founded Date: 2000
Founders: Scott Jordan
Number of Employees: 180+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America
Products of Company: clothing company
Net Worth in 2023: $65 million

We all love being in business bearing in mind that you can be as creative as you want in your own business and company. At the same you can earn much more than you will ever be pain by an employee especially if your business works well and grows at the expected rate. However, one thing that we rarely keep in mind is the fact that a business is a total risk and the profit and growth of your business is not guaranteed.

The fact that someone else is running the same kind of business you are running and doing well in it doesn’t mean that you will also start and excel just like anyone else. The secret therefore is to ensure that you get into a business that has high chances of growing and becoming a successful business.

Sometimes we are involved in a certain business out of passion while other times it is all about what we think and feel will do well for us. Although this is a good way of choosing the right business to venture in, it is also important to look at what is in high demand and will never go out of demand no matter how long you run it.

After weighing all the options that Scott Jordan had, he realized that human beings will always want to have their phones and tablet computers with them wherever they go. They will also need to carry many other portable electronic devices and also manage and control their wires. This is what led to the birth of SCOTTeVEST.

Well, how well do you know about SCOTTeVEST? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about SCOTTeVEST’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about SCOTTeVEST to date.


The question you might be having now is, “what is SCOTTeVEST and what are they majorly involved in?” if these are some of the questions you have, worry not, I’ve got your back covered as I am here to give you all the information you need about SCOTTeVEST. This is a clothing company with its headquarters in Ketchum, Idaho.

The company specializes in garments fitted with conduit systems as well as specialized pockets and compartments used for holding tablet computers, mobile phones, and other portable electronic devices. They are also used in managing and controlling their wires. Although the companies are marketed towards travelers, the company is also committed to serve the military and law-enforcement users who require to carry multiple devices.

As ‘Scott eVest’ this company was founded in 2000 by Scott Jordan in Chicago, Illinois. ‘eVest’ references to the company’s first product which was described as “a techie version of the classic fisherman’s vest”. Two years later, in 2002, they modified the brand name as a way of reducing its similarity to the lower-case ‘e’ in IBM’s. In 2003, they decided to move the company’s headquarters to Ketchum, Idaho from Chicago.

In 2004, 4 years after it was founded, Scott USA another company in Idaho sued the company for using the word “Scott” saying it was a violation of the company’s trademark. The case was settled by concatenating Scott eVest into a single word. Since then, the company has been known as Scottevest and their company’s annual revenue improved from 20 to 40%. In 2013 December, the company’s annual sales was estimated at $10 million and 85% of this came through their website.


Scott Jordan describes this clothing as travel clothing that doesn’t look like a travel clothing. The design of Scottevest jackets and coats are deliberately to circumnavigate baggage allowance weight as well as space restrictions. This makes it easy for wearers to stash anything they would have wanted to carry with their carry-on bag in up to 42 pockets designed specially.

They design these pockets to evenly distribute the weight of these loaded pockets across the garment. The garment is also able to maintain a non-bulky slim silhouette. Apart from other outwear and jackets, the company also have more unusual products which boxer shorts which has a pocket that can fit a smartphone.

One signature design feature incorporates channels for threading flexes and wires inspired by an acceded Scott after he snagged the cable of his headphones on the handle of a door while he was running through an airport. They also have other designs that incorporate detachable, flexible solar panels and they used CIGS on a stainless steel substrate. The intention of these designs are to charge gadgets.

Thanks to their expertise in this field, they have managed to offer a wearable battery that would be able to recharge Google Glass the charger is usually incorporated into a shirt. Just like many other companies, Scottevest also tried their luck on Episode 30 of Shark Tank on 2nd of March in 2012. Although he was given an investment offer of up to $1 million, he rejected the offer.


Although the company has not been able to bag any awards or nominations, we can agree that this company is doing perfectly well. Very soon, the company has very high chances of being rewarded for their work.

Net Worth & Earnings of SCOTTeVEST in 2023


As of 2023, This business has an estimated net worth of approximately $65 million. In December 2013, the company registered a sale of $10 million from their website alone. The clothing has been considered as one of the best in the company.

ScotteVest was founded more than 20 years now and thanks to their many innovative ideas for storage easy and comfortable clothing for both the travelers and men in uniform both in the military and law-enforcement force.


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