SevenSuperGirls was used to be one of the most successful and famous all-woman YouTube channels, which became immensely popular for its very unique and distinctive style. The way they presented seven girls in each of their episodes according to weekdays was quite phenomenal.

They have had a very successful run, but in later 2019, the show was dismissed because of some severe accusation of child abuse on the director of the show. It caused some serious trouble, and later, YouTube came with the news that they are dismissing the show once and for all. Of course, no one is going to tolerate such a series of accusations.

But till the time the show was running, it was one of the most successful shows.

Well, how well do you know about SevenSuperGirls? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about SevenSuperGirls’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about SevenSuperGirls to date.


Ir was created by Rylett in 2008, and the channel went on to be a massive hit. Rylett was the main head behind the creation of this ten-year-old brand which was named as SevenAwesomeKids. It was this brand SevenAwesomeKids, under whom many different channels started to roll out. They created a massive sensation in the market because of their fascinating and innovative idea. The track was running unbelievably well.

There were 20 girls who were all related to all the channels, and seven of those are related to SevenSuperGirls. It was very famous among kids and teens; you used to enjoy the daily life of those girls. Jazzy Anne, Ellie Louise, Rachael SSG, and many more were active members of the Channels. They were very famous in all of them, and they had raised the channel to some greater heights.


There is not a lot of details available about the channel anymore. After the termination of their single event channel, which came under SevenAwesomeKids, event member has maintained a shallow profile. They started their journey way back in 2008, and for the coming ten years, they achieved numerous milestones and success.

Their channel SevenSuperGirls used to had more than 5 billion views, and they also used to be very popular with kids and teens. Videos like Lucy’s Morning Routine, Strange and Unexpected, Jazzy Sleepover War!, and many more videos like this have had a total view of more than 100 million. They made the channel extremely successful.

They have created a total of 1,846 videos, and each and every video of the channel has got some serious success. They never lacked in terms of views. Their last video has had a total of 50k views. Jayden Wants Summer So Bad was their previous official uploaded video on YouTube.

Awards And Achievements

SevenSuperGirls was used to be a very successful all-girls channel, which was created way back in 2008. It ran for a period of more than ten years, and during that time, it has received some severe acclimation. Despite all the success they had, they never able to win any specific award. However, they had received famous YouTube buttons, which is only awarded to some of the most successful channels of YouTube. This was their most significant award of all.

Net Worth & Earnings of SevenSuperGirls in 2024

SevenSuperGirls Net Worth
SevenSuperGirls Net Worth

SevenSuperGirls is a closed channel, and the entire list of tracks, which was used to run under SevenAwesomeKids, was terminated in 2019. They went under some serious trouble, and finally, YouTube decided to end their channel. In the ten years, they had achieved numerous milestones. They also had considerable wealth, though the exact wealth of the track is still not known. Every single member of the channel are living separately now, and there is not a lot of details available is well. Although, as a close estimate, we can say that they had a net worth of $6 million as of 2024.

SevenSuperGirls was a phenomenal channel, which has given us many memories to cherish. They ran for more than ten years and have achieved great heights. It was created by Ian Rylatt in 2008. First came the name SevenAwesomeKids and later, many different channels started to roll out with SevenAwesomeKids. SevenSuperGirls was one of them, and it was the most successful of them all. Because of the accusation of child abuse, the channel got terminated with every other medium of Ian Rylatt. It was a sad ending to a beautiful journey.


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