Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys

If you have ever stepped foot in the film industry, you will agree that the easiest role one can have is that of being an actor. This is because, all what you will need are the right skills to fit in the given role. Everything is done for you including being given the right words to sue and the role to play and the amount of time your role will take. In other words, you are like a robot that waits to be controlled. All the burden is carried by the screenwriter, producer and the editor. However, it is possible to be all of these things and still qualify in them all.

One of the series or shows that explains this better is Trailer Park Boys which has been created by Mike Clattenburg. Mike Clattenburg is a television and film screenwriter, producer and director from Canada. The show is a continuation of Clattenburg’s film created in 1999 under the same time. It follows the misfortunes of a certain group of trailer park residents.

Some of these members are ex-convicts who live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The show was first aired on 22nd of April in 2001 and ran for 7 seasons. It concluded with a one-hour special aired on 7th of December in 2008.

Well, how well do you know about Trailer Park Boys? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Trailer Park Boys’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Trailer Park Boys to date.


In 1998, director and film and television screenwriter Mike Clattenburg wrote and directed One Last Shot which was a short film. The film was shot in black-and-white and it majored on the life of two friends Gary William or GW (Jon Paul Tremblay) and Rob (Rob Wells). Although One Last Shot is not based on the same setting like Trailer Park Boys, they have a lot of similarities.

This was the first time John Dunsworth, John Paul and Robb worked together. In the 1999 feature film of Trailer Park Boys, the cast Julian revealed that he decided to have his life documented after he received a telephone from a psychic predicting he would die soon. He felt it was the best way of warning people from living the life of crime he had lived.

This feature film was shown in 1999 at the Atlantic Film Festival. Surprisingly, it caught the attention of Barrie Dunn who is a producer who realized that the show would become a successful TV series. Dunn, Clattenburg along with Tremblay and Well worked together to come up with a 13-episode season of this show. They later decided to travel to Toronto to have it pitched to The Comedy Network. Unfortunately, they were turned down and immediately, they decided to suddenly pitch it to Showcase and later retuned how to Nova Scotia.


Although The Comedy Network had initially turned them down, it later showed some interests and they gave them a first season commitment. However, they were given a condition of involving a second experienced producer and they all settled on Michael Volpe. Michael’s work was to assist the team to come up with a perfectly-done job.

They then wrote and filmed the first 30-minutes of the episodes. Later, they decided to make some modifications on the storyline and the characters for the series. Compared to the 1999 film, more humor was added to the series which made it more interesting than the original film.

The most notable difference of the film and the series was the change of character marked by the addition of Mike Smith. Mike had initially been developed to be cast on an earlier short film titled The Cart Boy. This was a film that Trembley, Clattenburg, Smith and Wells had together worked on in 1995. Initially, Smith played a recurring role but he later became a primary protagonist on the show. The Trailer Park Boys was ready to entertain its funs with a total of 7 seasons. This was not the end of it as Neflix later allowed them to kick start the beginning of season 8.

Awards and Nomination

Trailer Park Boys is a very unique show as it majors on showing how crime is praised among people of a certain group or class of people. For many people of this class, nobody cares of what happens in the life of their neighbors as long as it doesn’t affect them directly. It also shows how some criminals end up being so much used to the jail that it doesn’t affect them anymore.

Although this screenplay has not been featured on any awards or nominations, currently, it has garnered a lot of support from the media. This in itself is something to be proud of. As the years go by, we hope that they will receive more than one award and nomination.

Net Worth & Earnings of Trailer Park Boys in 2024

Trailer Park Boys Net Worth
Trailer Park Boys Net Worth

The best way of looking at the net worth of Trailer Park Boys is combining all the net worth of its cast. Although John Paul Tremblay, Rob Wells and Mike Smith have had different careers before they were cast on Trailer Park Boys, they have the same amount of net worth estimated at $2 million. This means, they have a total net worth of $6 million as of 2024.

It takes a lot of discipline for people with different careers to work together in a single film. For Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay and Rob Wells found it easy because they all understand what each is good at. They have combined their best strengths to form a great series that is loved and followed by many.


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