Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots
Band Name: Twenty One Pilots
Also known as: Twenty One Pilots
Founded Year: 2009
Origin: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Members: 2
Members Name: Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph
Years Active: 2009–present
Genres: Pop
Net Worth in 2024: $25 million
Last Updated: July 2024

Twenty One Pilots is a famous American music group that has gain popularity across the world. The group consists of two artists: Josh Dun and Tyler JosephAccording to the duo, they make music that helps people think. The group has obtained fame from the hit music it has been releasing.

They have released several singles as well as many albums that have done well in the market. Several kinds of music, such as Stressed Out and Heathens, have received platinum certification. Their music has attracted several awards nominations as well as various award-winning prizes. Other than music, the team has also produced soundtracks for movies. 

Well, how well do you know about Twenty One Pilots? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Twenty One Pilots’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Twenty One Pilots to date.


In 2009, Twenty One Pilots was founded by Tyler. Some of its initial members who left the group in 2011 were Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. All the members were friends from college. Josh joined the team in 2011.

From early childhood, Tyler was homeschooled. He got musical exposure through a DC talk in which they played Christian hip hop. Tyler claims to be having some bipolar disorder or mental disorder that perhaps influenced his participation in the song “”Guns for Hands”. However, he claims to be a Christian. Besides, Tyler has three tattoos whose meaning he does not want to share in public but willing to mention at the individual level. He is happily married to Jenna Black and has a daughter, Rosie Joseph, born on 9th February 2020.

On the other hand, Josh has played drums from a tender age, which he taught himself. He says to love playing drums the most, and he can play them all night long. Josh rejected all musical training forms since he believed the trainers forced him to learn other people’s works and not allow him to do his own. He used to buy punk rock music at a local store, which his parents rejected since he had to listen to Christian music.

He used to hid his albums, but whenever found, it was a conflict at home. As a teenager, he was rebellious and often quarreled with his parents, which almost made his parents enroll him in a military school. Josh is happily married to Debby Ryan, an actress, since 13th December 2019.

The group has a great blend and synchrony of synthesizers, piano, drums, and bass. Tyler is the lead bass, vocals, keyboard, ukulele, piano, and synthesizer. On the other hand, Josh is good at drums and percussions.

The duo’s main musical genre is rap-rock, pop-rock, hip-hop, indie pop, reggae, electropop, electronica, and alternative hip-hop. The whole musical genre has been named the “Skeletone Clique’Clique’Clique’Clique’ genre by its fans since it touches most musical genres.


The duo has been equipping their studio to meet their standards. The studio has Focal SM9 monitors, Zaor Isostand MK2 height-adjustable speaker stands, Focals decoupling, and isolation pads. Josh gear comprises Roland electronic drums, SJC Drums, Remo drum heads, and Zildjian cymbals.

In 2003, Twenty One Pilots released the album “Vessel ‘‘‘‘. The album sold more than one million copies of the album and earned a platinum certification. Some of the album’s hit records include: Guns for Hands, Holding on to You, Car Radio, House of Gold, and Fake You Out.

In 2009, the artists produced and released their hit debut album ranked at position 139 on the Billboard charts. In 2015, the album “Blurryface” was released. The team was able to make more than 3 million sales of the album. Some of the hit songs in the album include: We Don’tDon’tDon’tDon’t Believe What’sWhat’sWhat’sWhat’s on TV, Ride, Heavydirtysoul, Fairly Local, Lane Boy, Tear in My Heart, and Stressed Out.

The following year, the duo released a live album of “Blurryface Live”. Other notable works of the team include the releases of singles and EPs. Some covers include Can’tCan’tCan’tCan’t Help Falling in Love, Cancer, Jar of Hearts, and Mad World. They have been behind the soundtrack of some famous films such as “”Skeleton Clique”” and “”Suicidal Squad””.

Twenty One Pilots is a well-traveled group, thanks to a music career. They have held several shows and concerts where they interacted with their fan in reality. Such events further enhanced their fame, and their following grew.

1n 2017, their musical career’s success has made them rank 44 on the list of one of the highest-earning musicians. They outperformed some of their key competitors such as Brendon Urie aka Panic, and Taylor Swift. The duo brand features in the Billboards annual musician rich list.

Awards & Achievements

The duo has received an aggregate of 91 award nominations, from which they have won 31 awards. Below is a list of some of their notable awards:

  • Twenty One Pilots has been nominated thrice for the American Music Awards
  • The duo has won twice the American Music Awards
  • In 2017, they were awarded the Grammy Award
  • The duo has been nominated three times for MTV Video Music Awards
  • They won two times MTV Video Music Awards
  • The team won Telehit Awards
  • They won the NRJ Awards
  • The artists won the Kerrang Awards
  • They won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
  • The duo won the iHeartRadio Music Awards

Net Worth & Earnings of Twenty One Pilots in 2024

Twenty One Pilots Net Worth
Twenty One Pilots Net Worth

As of 2024, Twenty One Pilots has an estimated net worth of about $25 million. The main income source for the team is their musical career. Revenue is generated from selling the singles and the albums. Besides having produced a great number of hit music, they have won several awards that have significantly skyrocketed their net worth. The net worth is a summation of the duo artist. Both the artists have an almost equal range of earning of about $12-13 million net worth.

Twenty One Pilots have consistently produced great music that has made them celebrities and made them millionaires. Today, the duo are among the greatest artists globally, with their albums having sold millions of copies. Working as a team has brought much success to Tyler and Josh.


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