Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a popular YouTube channel that has significantly won the hearts of several viewers across the world. The channel has gained almost 17 Million subscribers and about three billion views. “Unbox Therapy” was launched in the month of Dec in the year 2010 and has established itself as a top-notch source of entertainment. In the channel- “Unbox Therapy” creators- “Lewis George Hilsenteger” unboxes and bestows their commentary on several gadgets.

Well, how well do you know about Unbox Therapy? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Unbox Therapy’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Unbox Therapy to date.


Unbox Therapy is a popular YouTube channel that began officially in December 2010. The channel is famous for its unique idea of unboxing some great and superb gadgets, which tend to capture the audience’s heart till the end of the video. “Lewis George Hilsenteger”, also known as “Lew”, is the father of the channel born on the 6th of May in 1985 and has undertaken a degree in digital arts and video editing. Photography prior jumping to YouTube platform from “Toronto School of Arts”.

He was always inclined towards tech and its related. He worked in i-Upgrade Toronto as a repairer and servicer of computers and at the same time uploaded some introductory tutorial videos on YouTube to help viewers and customers. He applied his editing and related skills, which he grabbed from his University in his channel.

His videos were running quite well. After posting similar kind of videos on a larger scale, he got enough confidence to explore himself more on the platform. This was the time when he conceived the channel- “Unbox Therapy”.


Unbox Therapy was started with an idea where he would, as per the name of the channel would unbox some electronic appliance and test or use it for the first time and give some of his opinions. However, people liked his channel more because of his highly creative and innovative concept and his ways of unboxing. His charm had made them achieve millions of views within some hours or just days.

Lewis Hilsenteger has tested many products of several gorgeous brands such as Apple. His popularity also makes him access to some much-awaited products. He also gets the opportunity for brand endorsements where many companies take advantage of it and promote their “so-called” products, as they get the hand of such a big audience.

The most-watched video of this insane YouTube channel- “Unbox Therapy” was ‘iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test”, which was uploaded in 2016. As expected, it has received millions of views (nearly-70M views by then itself) and was running trending number 5. The main focus of the video was to raise specific potential issues which the iPhone was carrying with its launch.

The video turned out to be controversial and attracted some bad-fame. He was questioned about its authenticity and accuracy. However, he tried hard enough to prove himself not guilty by showing up on CNN, Bloomberg, and others. He also had submitted the very raw or unedited video to conform its accuracy level to the claimers.

The channel has achieved much of its popularity after the person- “Jack”, who showcased and played along with viewers’ psychology and aroused curiosity among them. Lewis, as promised, revealed after hitting 10 Million subs the face behind Jack. The duration of the revelation of it let them gain three more million subscriptions. Jack was the co-creator and a very loving and trusted friend of him.

Awards & Achievements

Unbox Therapy has achieved massive fan-following, which has given them massive responses over the years and has led him to count among the top YouTubers, which is undoubtedly an enormous achievement for a YouTuber as a YouTube Creators’ Awards count the most.

In 2014, he hit his 100K subscribers and hence was rewarded with the silver play button. Serially in 2014 itself, he reached another milestone of 1M subscribers and received his gold play button. In the year 2018, he accomplished his 10 Million subscribers and received his diamond play button.

The channel’s most significant achievement to date is that it has reached 17.06 Million subscriptions as of 2021 and is achieving around 3 Million views regularly, which is a superb achievement. His total views on counting come about to be somewhat 3.9 billion, which is just beyond words.

Net Worth & Earnings of Unbox Therapy in 2024

Unbox Therapy Net Worth
Unbox Therapy Net Worth

“Unbox Therapy” has an estimated net worth of $12 Million as of 2024. They basically earn their fortune by posting various videos on YouTube. The channel also earns hugely through brand endorsements, making them earn nearly $7500 per day and calculating broadly would add up to $3 Million per year. The channel was also honored with sponsorships from McDonald’s and several other great franchises. They also get commission by selling products on YouTube.

Lewis Hisenteger’s launched the YouTube channel with the very basic idea of entertaining their viewers by playing along with their curiosity. This simple idea has made him gain immense popularity across the world and earn vast bundles of cash. The interest witnessed him well and has made him established as a popular one really soon.

He has been successful both in his personal lives and professional lives. He is happily married and is enjoying his parenthood with his seven-year-old lilliput. He has started on humble grounds where he was employed as a repairer and servicer of computers and later posted videos on You-Tube. His exploration of his creative ideas has made him the top YouTuber.


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