Wikipedia is a popular website known to everyone all over the world. A lot of people visit this website in search of different kinds of information ranging from people, places, and even events. Users of this website have the right to structure the content and even change the form of their web browser. It is one of the most reliable sources of information where you can search for anything and still find enough information.

This site has been written by various authors to form a website and then gives free access to the users. This website has over 4.3 million articles which are written in English. Also, there other 22 million or so articles which are written in 285 other languages.

Well, how well do you know about Wikipedia? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Wikipedia’s net worth in 2024, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Wikipedia to date.


Wikipedia came into existence on 15 January 2001 as a form of an encyclopedia, which was formed by Larry Sanger and his counterpart, Jimmy Wales. Due to the day-to-day research by various people, they require a reliable source where they can obtain the required information. The website grew very fast because a day cannot end before the research for people, events, or even places is searched using Wikipedia. Its ability to give large volumes of information has enabled it to keep growing over the years.

The website has been able to upload over 35 million articles. These articles are available in several languages. An example of these languages is US plain English which has over 156 thousand articles. This website allows people to gather various information and also make changes to existing ones. New other articles are created using the information gathered from Wikipedia.

This website has GNU Free Documentation License, which is based on a common creative license. With this license, the authors are given the mandate to create links on this site and make changes when need be. They are also given permission to use as well form copies of their pages and any modification required from them.


On 15 January 2001, Wikipedia the edit feature Wikipedia started functioning, which was only two days after the domain was registered. 20 December 2001 is the time Wikipedia’s main page appeared for use. With the use of Stallman’s concept, it was concluded that no single organization should command the editing of this website.

As per a report given in 2019, Wikipedia is in the ninth position of the most famous websites all over the world. It offers one of the best user engagement in global internet coverage.

Jimmy Wales published on the media that he was not in support of any commercial adverts on Wikipedia. At this time, the URL of Wikipedia was changed from to Then, a Wikimedia Foundation was launched on 20 October 2003. Later in January 2006, a communication committee was formed to deal with any media-related queries and go through the emails sent to the foundation.

An automated program called “Robot” was created in October 2002 by Derek Ramsey. This program enabled the addition of more articles about US towns. Tomasz Wegrzanowski inserted mathematical codes to add more functions to Wikipedia in January 2003.

A new logo was installed on Wikipedia’s website on 15 October 2003. Server operations were shifted from San Diego, California to Tampa, Florida, on 12 February 2004. After Angela Beasley and Florence Nibart-Devoured were chosen as the Panel of Trustees in the Foundation, Wikipedia got trademark registration on 10 January 2006.

The first-ever executive director (ED) WAS Brad Patrick, who was elected in June 2006. He left the position in June 2007, and Sue Gardner took over.

The initial interwiki database interface was widely used from March 2013 where it became widely used in the various Wikipedia language editions. The editing interface of Wikipedia Visual Editor was launched in July 2013 for the first time in history. Users were now able to modify Wikipedia using a WYSIWYG text editor, which is very similar to the word processor.

Over the years, the English version of Wikipedia is widely used and has expanded more than any other language. Wikipedia has an estimation of 52 million articles, translated to around 20 000 print volume. It also has over 6 million articles coming in all language editions.

Awards & Achievements

Wikipedia is one of the websites known to be successful in knowledge-based information. It has received various awards, including the Princess of Asturias Award in the category of International Cooperation. Another award received by Wikipedia is the Free Software Award in the category of Projects of Social Benefit. It has also received much recognition and trust among many people as it is a reliable source of all kinds of information

Net Worth & Earnings of Wikipedia in 2024

Wikipedia Net Worth
Wikipedia Net Worth

Wikipedia has earned global popularity, and this has helped the website to acquire a high amount of net worth. As of 2024, The estimated net worth of this website is $7 billion. It has gotten this much from the donations given by viewers every year, which has made it very successful. The website also earns a considerable amount of money from various ads on the website. Each view from a user also counts a certain amount of money to the website.

Wikipedia has been able to develop and maintain a collaborative project system where different editors use a wiki-based editorial system. Being available in multiple languages is an added advantage that has helped the website to be successful. It is one of the most visited sites at all times. This has resulted in Wikipedia appearing on the top page of search engines.


  1. “The website grew very fast because a day cannot end before the research for people, events, or even places is searched using Wikipedia.”



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