Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty
Legal Name: Fenty Beauty
Headquarters Regions: San Francisco, CA, United States
Founded Date: 8 September 2017
Founders: Rihanna
Number of Employees: 200+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America
Products of Company: cosmetics brand
Net Worth in 2023: $5 Billion

Fenty Beauty is one of the leading companies in the cosmetic brand. They are known for the different types of products like Primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder, blush, eyeliner, and other beauty products. They deal with every different shade of skin tone with a wide range of beauty products. The main focus is to have some of the different shades so that every skin tone person will purchase it and use it accordingly.

The brand is very much popular for the wide range of skin tone products. There is a lot of competition in the market in the beauty products section, but Fenty Beauty has reached the top ranking. Brand hires lots of models for the promotion of their products. The sale of the company is several million per year. The company had collaborated with the very famous MAC Cosmetics for selling of their products.

Well, how well do you know about Fenty Beauty? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Fenty Beauty’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Fenty Beauty to date.


The company was inaugurated in the year 2014 by model, actress and singer Rihanna. She had developed the own company, so that sure it will help many of those her shade in the future had. She had started her own company when she was only 29 only. She was very busying all the shots and other works, buh, but had prepared the business plan also. First, she worked in different cosmetic brands like MAC Cosmetics, Parlux Ltd, and then made her own company.

She had signed with some famous companies to bring out some of the best quality raw materials for their company. The first product of the company was sold in the year 2017, and the brand name was going popular. The product was promoted in lots of fashion show which also includes the New York Fashion Week. The product was then promoted at the end of the year also. After some months, the product was found out in the shops of Sephora Stores, in the internet website of Sephora and some of the malls also.


Fenty Beauty was launched by Rihanna in Saudi Arabia; it was a small brand as it was new to the market. After the sales were going high, then it was becoming very much popular in the country. After some of the years, the large and big brands had offered them to have collaborated with them. The brand was getting recognition as an International Brand. The brand is providing the darker shades and the others in 50 different colors for all skin tones. The sudden launch of different products was not much appreciated, and it was one of the reasons for failure.

In the year 2017, the company had announced its new upcoming lipstick, and the customers were waiting for the product. After the release of the product, the sales were not much imagined even. At one period of time, the stock for the lipstick was over. There were lots of orders for the new products as well as the other products also. Some of the other brands like West’s line of Kim Kardashian, Tarte’s Shape Tape Foundation and Hello Happy Foundation were going down after the launch of the product.

In the year 2018, they had revealed new products like Beach products, Body lava which is used for the glowing of the body. They had worked very hard for it so that the products will be at the demand rate and the consumer will be happy after using the product. Like most women who love their skin tone, they also use the best products which will help them to grow and maintain.


Fenty beauty had won lots of awards which has helped the organization to earn its name in the corporate sector. The organization had won the Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards for best base pro filter Instant Retouch Setting Powder, Best Lip Gloss: Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, Best VOGUE Beauty Awards for best Directional Make-Up. Best Skincare Product award from Global Beauty and Wellness Awards. In the year 2019, they had won the award for Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards Best lips, Coral Lipstick. Allure Readers choice Awards Best foundation, British VOGUE Beauty awards, Refinery 29’s Beauty Awards.

Net Worth & Earnings of Fenty Beauty in 2023

Fenty Beauty Net Worth
Fenty Beauty Net Worth

Fenty beauty has earned the name of best beauty product provider. They had done lots of research, and they were very serious about this. The net worth of this company is estimated at $5 billion as of 2023. They earn millions in a single month as their product quality is very much high and it is known for this. The company sales had reached up to $570 Million. The brand had done really very good work for women as the skin tone requires the company had prepared their products. Some of the famous celebrities also do promotions for the company.

Fenty Beauty is one of the companies that is producing varieties of beauty care products for maximum skin tone. They have high demand in the market. At the initial launch, the team was very much confused about giving supply to which buyer. There was a huge requirement for their product in the market. The company had decided to prepare one of the best products which will help the women to glow and look beautiful. Rihanna had developed the company as she was planning for it for a certain period of time.


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