Eh Bee Family
Eh Bee Family

Did you ever think that the entire family will be dedicated to entertaining people around the globe? If you have never thought about this, then meet with the Eh Bee Family who entertains the world from Thornhill, Ontario of Canada. Eh, Bee Family is a famous international personality from Canada engaging people through different digital mediums like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube.

The hard work has paid them with 8 million subscribers in the YouTube channel, which have even more than 2 billion views making them one of the best YouTubers from Canada. Their popularity is gained for entertaining millions of families with family-friendly content videos and funny skits and dramas. You might be excited to know the names of members who belong to the Eh Bee Family.

So, the members of this entertaining family are Andres Burgos, who is the father and also the leader of the family. Rossana Burgos, mother of the family whereas son’s name is Roberto Burgos, and her daughter’s name is Gabriela Burgos. You will be surprised to know that each family member has one nickname, which people can see on the internet. Head of the family father’s name is Papa Bee, Mother’s name is Mama Bee whereas son’s name is Mr Bee or Mr Monkey and daughter’s name is Miss. Bee or Miss Monkey.

Well, how well do you know about Eh Bee Family? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Eh Bee Family’s net worth in 2023, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Eh Bee Family to date.


Parents of Eh Bee Family aren’t born in Canada. Both father and mother have different origins out of Canada who has migrated to Canada and settled there decades back. Father is from Chile of South America, born on 25 November 1977, and mother is from Uruguay, born on 2 October 1979. Both Papa Bee and Mama Bee fell in love and started to date for several years before their marriage.

This lovely, witty couple married in the year 2004 and gifted with two children. Son, Mr Bee, born on 30 April 2005 and their daughter Miss Bee born on 9 September 2006. Before the family decided to work together and come in digital platforms for entertaining people, the father worked in marketing which was not sufficient to support the family, so he also worked as a part-time web developer.


The family started their career as fun by posting video content on the Vine platform when the daughter was only eight years old in 2013. The entire family was surprised to see the love they got from people around, and their popularity grew day by day. After that, their father noticed that this could be a better career, so he left his job and started as a full-time entertainer and his family on the internet.

The family is highly active on social media platforms like Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many others. Eh, Bee Family have advertised for different notable companies and brands worldwide, including Toyota and Johnson & Johnson. It is an excellent achievement for the entire family that they are always in the news like the New York Daily News,, and Good Morning America. It was a great year in 2018 when the daughter released her original songs.

Apart from entertaining with the family, she is a little singer of Canada. In 2015, she released solo songs “Sound in Color” and “Something More.” She got more popularity after releasing this song which also increases the popularity of the entire family. It was an excellent year for Eh Bee Family when they got a silver play button from YouTube after reaching one lakh subscribers in 2015 and a Golden play button in 2016.

Awards and Achievements

The family got many notable awards which makes their entertaining career more remarkable. Some of the awards are are they won the Armstrong Vine award Grand prize in the year 2015 and Golden play button from YouTube in 2016. Apart from those awards, they were nominated in Shorty awards and Streamy awards in 2015. Their hard work and determination are growing day by day, so we can expect that many more prizes will be adding in future. People love their content much and showing great response to their family-friendly videos.

Net Worth & Earnings of Eh Bee Family in 2023

Eh Bee Family Net Worth
Eh Bee Family Net Worth

As of 2023, Eh Bee Family has an estimated net worth of around $8 million. This remarkable success is all because of their teamwork and cooperation between each other. Eh, Bee Family’s channel gets about 700000 views per day after a video is uploaded, which generates around 3500 US Dollars per day from the advertisements run during their videos. People should appreciate the consistency of the entire family towards their work.

Eh, Bee Family must be appreciated for their communication skills, people skills, time management skills and collaboration skills, which gave them great love from the viewers worldwide. Primarily Papa Bee should be awarded for his extraordinary leadership skills, which have brought the entire family to such a great extent. The strong graphic and visual sense of their video is excellent, and they are also flexible to upload daily. We wish all four members to stay healthy and entertain us forever.

These are all because of the efforts that the company is providing to the customers and it is thus that the respect that we are providing them because of which they are so successful and are holding so strong moment in the market and because of that they are earning so well we really wish the family that they grow even more and thus they go on providing well service in the public in the form of advertisements and also by entertaining us by various contents.


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